What’s new at L.O.V. Cosmetics

At the beginning of every new season, L.O.V. Cosmetics releases some amazing makeup items that are perfect if you like to be on the trendy side regarding makeup. I rarely have time to go to the store and properly take a look at everything they have to offer, so I feel very lucky to have been able to test these lovely products. The holographic trend is very hot right now and to be completely honest, I love that there are some edgy makeup products we can incorporate into our makeup routine without anyone judging!

I was most intrigued by their Aura Glow Primer. It comes in a sleek pink bottle which is already a treat to look at, but I’m even more impressed with how well it performs on my skin! Its peachy undertone and tiny shimmer create a perfect glow, not too excessive, but just enough to make your face slightly brighter. I won’t say my makeup lasts any longer, because I’ve already tested several primers and I don’t see any difference in the wear-time. But this one preps my skin very nicely, I love it! Next I received the Brow Lights pomade that has two separate compartments. The first one contains a pomade while the second actually consists of an oil-based highlighter. I apply the pomade with a small brow brush, which gives a very nice, natural finish. Then I add a tiny bit of highlighter under my brows for some glow.

As for the cheeks, they sent me two exciting products. As already mentioned above, holographic effect is insanely popular at the moment and although you can quickly add too much, you cannot go wrong with this palette. I’m talking about the LOVillusion holographic highlighter palette for eyes, face and body combining three different shades, i.e. with pink, purple and green undertone. I mostly use it as a highlighter on my cheeks, on the inner corners of my eyes and under my brow bone. The pink one is also very similar to the Cindy-Lou Manizer by the Balm (my sister has one and instantly asked me if I bought that, too!). Well, don’t be scared, you can mix all three shades for that unforgettable iridescent look! The next cheeky product is the BLUSH Liaison, a dewy gel blush stick. Mine is in shade Alluring Peach and though I like the lovely flush of color on my cheeks, I don’t think the brush you get on the other side does any good. It completely messed up my foundation the first time so I’m applying it with the beautyblender ever since (and it works like a charm!).

Last but not least, I got to test out one of their new lippies as well. I received a neutral LIPaffaire Color & Care lipstick in shade Angelina’s belief. This is the first really nudy-brown shade I have in my collection and it goes surprisingly well with my style. The texture is very moisturizing and nourishing, but nevertheless stays on my lips for a pretty decent period of time.

All in all, I’m really impressed with their new products and I really think this brand has become a real competition to the other drugstore brands. I have yet to try their foundations, if you already have some experience with them, please let me know! :)


My morning skincare routine

img_9267img_9293img_9308img_9275img_9323As I’m getting older, my perception of beauty has changed quite a bit. My focus has slightly shifted towards skincare in the past year and I started incorporating some active ingredients into my morning skincare routine. The first thing I always do after waking up is washing my face with cold water. This instantly wakes me up and I feel so refreshed afterwards! After that I usually make myself a cup of coffee, read the news and go through some of my favorite blogs (such as Janni, Mariannan and Caroline Berg Eriksen – it seems that I adore the Scandinavian girls!) :)

Then it’s time to take a shower and this is when I use the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, a nice gentle cleanser with glycolic acid. I don’t use many products in the morning because I have a very thorough cleansing routine in the evening. When my face is dry, I spray my face with a face mist. These weeks I’ve been using the Melvita Damask Rose floral water, I also love Tea Tree Water by Lush or any other mist by L’Occitane. Then I’ll apply some eye cream and currently I’m using the Soothing eye contour cream by Avène. I love how moisturizing it is, I really need that before applying makeup to the eye area. I also love the Enchanted Eye Cream by Lush, you can read my review here (I still have some left at home, such a treat!). Moving on, my favorite serum at the moment is the Caudalie Glow activating anti-wrinkle serum, such an amazing item! I always prefer serums over thick creams and this one preps my face for makeup perfectly. And to end the routine, especially on sunny days, I apply the Avène sunscreen with SPF 50 all over my face. I know this is a very high SPF, but I prefer applying smaller quantities and still having some protection against the sun rays than smearing my face with the product. It has a very nice formula, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t make my face greasy. This one also doesn’t affect my makeup wear time or how it looks, so it’s a perfect all-around sunscreen for makeup lovers like me :) Well, this is all regarding my morning skincare at the moment, but please share your preferences, I would love to hear your favorites! :)

Zimska nega rok z L’Occitanom

img_8643img_8726img_8779img_8839img_8857img_8885img_8894We usually take a good care of our skin in winter, but too often forget about our hands that are subject to harsh winter conditions. L’Occitane kindly invited me to attend their winter hand care routine and my hands felt as pampered as never before! Their ritual to protect and nourish our hands consists of their One-minute Hand Scrub, Shea Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil, and Shea Butter Hand Cream (all products are available here). The treatment was so amazing and the girls were so kind and helpful, it was so nice to chat about beauty and skincare with real experts :) I had a wonderful time, thank you so much, L’Occitane!


Pozimi negi obraza posvečamo veliko pozornosti, mnogokrat pa žal pozabimo na svoje roke. Mene zadnja leta najbolj rešujejo rokavice, ko pa jih slučajno pozabim doma, me suha koža na rokah še nekaj tednov opominja na napako. Pred dobrim tednom so me pri L’Occitanu prijazno povabili na prijetno razvajanje, in sicer na zimsko nego rok. Moram priznati, da so moje roke tretma nujno potrebovale, saj se že od začetka zime borim proti suhi koži, vendar mi kljub vsemu trudu to ni uspevalo preveč dobro. Pri L’Occitanu pa glede zimske nege rok prisegajo na naslednje tri izdelke:

Na čiste in rahlo vlažne rok nanesemo malo karitejevega enominutnega pilinga, ki vsebuje hranilno karitejevo maslo in orehove luščine. Zelo nežno odstrani odmrle kožne celice in roke naredi izjemno mehke. S pilingom roke tudi prijetno zmasiramo, še bolje pa je, da nekoga prepričamo, da to naredi za nas! Da ima čudovit vonj, pa verjetno ni treba posebej poudarjati :)

Drugi korak se osredotoča predvsem na nohte in obnohtno kožico, ki so v zimski negi prav tako pomembni. Karitejevo olje je namreč izjemno hranilno in obnohtno kožico naredi mehko, dober učinek pa naj bi imel tudi na nohte. Hranilno olje je v tubici, zelo enostavno pa se ga namaže s čopičem.

Za konec pa roke namažemo še z L’Occitanovo kultno kremo za roke s karitejevim maslom. Ta krema je res nekaj posebnega, kljub temu da vsebuje 20 % karitejevega masla, ima povsem nemastno strukturo in se hitro vpije v kožo. Izvleček medu, mandljev in kokosovega olja pa roke še dodatno razvajajo in jih nahranijo.

L’Occitanovi izdeki in njihove kreme za roke so ene izmed mojih najljubših in res sem vesela, da so me povabili na zimsko razvajanje rok. Vsem mojim bralkam pa prijazno podarjajo dve kodi za popust!

S kodo VESNAENVIOLET imate 20% popust na vse izdelke za nego rok, lahko pa jo uporabite v vseh poslovalnicah ali na spletni trgovini (ne velja v poslovalnicah Nama, Maximarket in Müller). Popusti in akcije se ne seštevajo in koda ne velja za nakup seta Trio dišečih krem (velja do 14. februarja).

S kodo TRIOVIOLET pa lahko po ugodni ceni kupite Trio dišečih krem za roke, ki je na voljo v omejeni izdaji (Češnjev cvet in Arlésienne božansko dišita!). Set lahko kupite le v spletni trgovini (velja do 14. februarja).

Sicer pa so bila vsa dekleta zelo prijetna in lepo je bilo poklepetati o kozmetiki in negi na splošno. L’Occitane, še enkrat se vam lepo zahvaljujem za povabilo, bilo mi je v veselje!

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