Lookfantastic Beauty Box – August 2018

9. 9. 2018

August was over almost two weeks ago, but I still have to show you what was inside the Lookfantastic Beauty Box of the month. The whole theme was about regaining confidence in our beauty regime and be our best selves! There are many skincare brands that I haven’t heard of before and it’s so nice to explore and test some products that would otherwise never find their way to my skincare routine. I managed to test some of them and already have a basic idea about what I like, so let’s dive in!

My first favorite item is a full-sized Mio Boob Tube, what a name! This is basically a neck and bust cream rich in Coenzyme Q10 with a very captivating scent – this is why I always look forward to using it in the morning or evening! It sinks into the skin quickly, but I’ll have to use it for a longer period of time to see whether it has any effect. For now I really like it. Next is a gel-like toner Hydraphel Skin Supplement for dry skin by Erno Laszlo that comes in a cute square box. It’s supposed to retain moisture, eliminate dullness and help with tissue repair, but I haven’t noticed anything in particular. I apply it with my hands just like I would any other gel formula before the rest of my skincare routine. It feels very hydrating and is alcohol-free, but it does contain fragrance, which can be irritating for some people.

This beauty box once again contained a face cleanser, i.e. the Pure Skin Face Wash by Balance Me. This one is thought to cleanse the skin without stripping moisture and refresh the skin with Grapefruit, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile oils. I haven’t tried it yet because I have so many cleansers to go through before I open a new one! Another item I was looking forward to but disappointed me a bit is the Molton Brown Bath and Shower Gel that came in different scents. I received Gingerlily, which doesn’t have any special scent to it. Very basic, so I’ll keep it and take on a vacation or give it to a friend.

Then there are two makeup products, finally! The best of the two is without a doubt the Mini Brow Build mascara in shade Indian Chocolate by Blink Brow Bar. This shade is very dark, so I feel for all the blondes who received it! Nevertheless, the color suits me to a T and it’s so easy to create thicker and fuller brows. But I have to be careful and not work with too much product on the mascara otherwise it gets extremely messy very quickly. Last but not least, we received an INC.redible Blazin Over Lipgloss by Nails INC., once again in different shades. A typical lip gloss, nothing special here – I received a pink one and my sister a brown/nude shade, but we swapped them because we thought that the brown shade would be more suitable for my skin tone. Well, I was wrong and it makes me look so sick … and the lip gloss just slides around and builds up on the inner side of the lips. A very disappointing product that I really don’t need in my life. Well, I’ll help find it a new owner, I hope some of my friends will be willing to give it a go! :)

All in all, this Lookfantastic Beauty Box had some really amazing products that I already love, but also some items that will only take up my space. A spoiler alert: the September Beauty Box is much more interesting, so I’ll try to test as many of them as I can and write a review soon. Until then, have a nice Sunday and a wonderful week!


Gentle and nourishing cacao

19. 8. 2018

If you’re cacao lover but hate artificial chocolate scents in body products, the Dr. Organic Cocoa Butter will be perfect for you! Because of its gentle cacao scent and nourishing textures, the Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Butter and Wonder Oil will not leave you disappointed. They leave an incredible feeling on the skin and oh my, the scent is to die for! However, I’m not particularly keen on using the Day and Night Creams on my face. I have combination skin on my face and although I tried the two on many occasions, they just aren’t suitable for me. Nonetheless, I would advise them to all who struggle with very dry skin and enjoy using natural, organic face creams on a regular basis. I would just recommend using a serum with hyaluronic acid beforehand, so that you really keep your skin moisturized day and night. An incredible range that definitely deserves more attention!


Barekissed Illuminator

16. 8. 2018

img_2362img_2380barekissed-illuminator-monacoI like testing highlighters in all shapes and forms. Although I’ve always been a fan of pressed formulas, I’m more and more into creamy and liquid textures. I particularly love this Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in shade Monaco, a gorgeous liquid/jelly highlighter with tiny shimmer and a rose&silver finish. This little gem can be used in a number of ways:

  • as a highlighter on your cheekbones and tip of the nose,
  • as an illuminator all over your face before applying your foundation,
  • as a highlighter on your collarbones.

I usually pump a small amount on the back of my hand, dab it out and apply it seamlessly on my cheekbones with the RT Miracle Sculpting Sponge. It is, however, too liquidy to be used with a brush. And when I’ve had days when I wanted a more natural, dewy glow, I just applied it all over my face, particularly under my eyes, and then applied my foundation on top. A beautiful combination, let me tell you! I’m sure it will look just perfect in the autumn …

On the last photo you can see some swatches compared to my favorite highlighters. The first stripe is obviously the Barekissed Illuminator, followed by the Mary Lou Manizer, which has a golden sheen. The last two are the third and the fourth creamy highlighters from my Makeup Revolution Pro Amplified Highlighting and Strobe palette. As you can see, the third swatch is a nice dupe of the Barekissed Illuminator, whereas the fourth swatch is a nice creamy version of the Mary Lou Manizer. The MUR palette is obviously very versatile, but applying such a thick highlighter all over my face would be way more messy!