Comfort zone for urban dwellers

21. 7. 2019

Skincare that can easily be
used by both men and women,
mainly targets urban dwellers,
and is aimed at slowing down
the ageing process?
Meet /skin regimen/.

* I received both product samples for testing purposes only.

Pollution in our environment not only effects our health, but also has an impact on the condition of our skin. Of course we cannot avoid those negative processes entirely, but we can slow them down with correct skincare. This is why /skin regimen/, which can be purchased in some beauty salons and a concept storeExtraordinary in Ljubljana, developed a special skincare line aimed at people with fast-paced lives.

/skin regimen/ products contain different plant extracts and are often used in beauty salons, which clearly points to their quality. Because the entire line is unisex, both men and women can use it without a problem. Well, skin doesn’t mind these guidelines and men could easily use all the products available in drugstores, but it’s nice they can be part of the story, too :) This had an influence on the scent of the products, the aim of which is to please both genders, but the notes of incense and juniper are quite intense (it’s not that neutral or sweet/flowery).

The cleansing cream is very gentle as it contains no foaming agents and natural extracts of maqui berry, spinach and wild indigo are just some of its ingredients. Supposedly it can remove makeup and SPF-protection, but it seems way too gentle to perform that in my opinion. So I prefer using it as a second cleanser in the evening and particularly during my morning shower. I transfer a small amount on a damp face with fingers or perform a quick massage with my Gua Sha. The skin feels clean after use, not at all dry or irritated.

In the evening, I would apply a serum and a thicker tripeptide cream afterwards. In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, it contains a dandelion extract and tripeptide-5 that boosts collagen production. I apply a small amount that spreads nicely because of the serum and sinks into the skin quickly. This tripeptide cream has an outstanding effect on my skin and the difference in the morning is really noticeable. My skin doesn’t become oily and is very soft to the touch. The texture is also different, it seems more unified and matt (a similar effect to the Bioeffect products)!

I find the design of black packaging with white text very elegant and pretty as well, although I am aware that looks can be deceiving. The products are mostly stored inside dark glass jars or bottles, while the plastic lids, aluminium tubes and paper are all made of recycled materials in Italy. It would be amazing to see other brands “adopt” this sustainable attitude as well :)

Because the textures are light and spread nicely, only small amounts of products are needed. And although they are economical, they are still a pleasure to use. The cleansing cream will definitely go a long way, while I’ll probably use the cream up pretty quickly :) It was really nice to get to know the brand, but it was even nicer to try the products first-hand. Are there any other /skin regimen/ enthusiasts out there? :)

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