French Connection Backpack for the spring!

French Connection black backpackFrench Connection black backpack French Connection black backpackFrench Connection black backpackFrench Connection black backpack
Last week, I broke off my 10-year tradition of only wearing bags with this cute backpack from French Connection! My shoulders are in such a pain when I’m in the city for the whole day that I decided to see what the backpacks of today have to offer. I scrolled the entire Asos backpack section and this cute black faux-leather backpack caught most of my attention. It’s on the smaller side, but large enough to fit an A4 folder. Its zipper on top also reminds me of a bag, this is no way a typical backpack, I believe! And there’s plenty of space and small sections to save a bus ticket, mobile phone or a few make up items (there will be at least 5 lipstick gathered in no time!). I think this backpack comes in several shades, but black was probably the best decision in terms of combining it with my wardrobe, at least the early stages of my backpack use!

Beige everything

(Coat & Scarf by Zara)

I’ve been having a real beige obsession these weeks. A beige bag has been among my staples since September and now I added a new coat as well as a cosy scarf from Zara to my collection. I think this color is so elegant and goes well with any combination possible, I’ve even been wearing it even with my purple Nike sneakers! I also have to mention this lovely vampy red Liquid Matt Lipstick in shade 15 from Golden Rose. It’s so longlasting and gives an amazing contrast to the whole outfit!

Zadnje tedne neprestano nosim bež barvo. Bež torbo imam že od septembra, zdaj pa sem v kolekcijo dodala še plašč in velik šal iz Zare. Bež barva je tako elegantna in super izgleda s katerokoli kombinacijo, zdaj poleg večkrat obujem tudi svoje vijolične Nikice! Omeniti pa moram tudi temno rdečo mat šminko Liquid Matt Lipstick znamke Golden Rose v odtenku 15. Izjemno dolgo je obstojna in celotnemu outfitu doda prekrasen kontrast!

ASOS leather bag


A very random fact, I like awesome bags. Just because I feel that if I’m taking them literally everywhere I go, I should at least like them, right? This is why I usually invest in a good quality bag, not insanely expensive, but still good enough that I don’t have to buy another one right away. I have great experience with ASOS leather bags, I’ve had one for around four years and still looks great. This time I chose the Leather Double Zip Bag in a peachy, apricot shade. My main criterion when buying a bag is a zipper on the top. I would never feel safe if I had a bag with just a button or magnet closing it. There are even two zippers on the front that have real pockets, but I don’t believe I’ll be using them at all. It just doesn’t seem useful to store a bus card there when you cannot even open or close it properly if you have it on your shoulders. Oh, and the inside part has one small pocket for the cell phone and one zipped inner pocket, yay! I just have to add that mine is a bit lighter than on the website, but the change of shade is completely normal for leather.

This is yet another spacious bag, I was actually pretty surprised when I got it out of the box. Must say, this bag looked much smaller beside those models on the website! Still, this one will come in handy this year as I still have one year of studies to complete. At least I’ll have the luxury to bring everything with me when I’ll be sitting in lecture rooms for whole days! Plus, I’ll have something pretty to look at when things get unbearable, haha. I ordered it on the website in the middle of July and is still discounted at €35.95 (from €76.04), what a bargain for a leather bag!


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