Effaclar Duo(+) Unifiant

La Roche Posay La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo(+) UnifiantLa Roche Posay review
I’m a complete newbie when it comes to the La Roche-Posay cosmetics. La Roche-Posay always seemed to be a brand with great skincare to me, but I never felt any hype around it. I was thinking about trying the brand in autumn and luckily I got the Effaclar Duo(+) Unifiant at the beauty conference last September!

The Effaclar Duo(+) Unifiant is basically a unifying daily cream. It is supposed to reduce imperfections as well as red and brown marks. Regular use should also help you unclog pores, refine your skin texture and control shine. I’ve been using it regularly for a few weeks now and it’s very difficult for me to say that it reduces any pigmentation or changes your skin texture. However, although it seems like a silky cream to the touch,  it covers the imperfections on my skin in a remarkable way. I’ve never tried any daily cream that would cover so many imperfections to such an extent, which is obviously a big plus. And although I have a yellow undertone, it matches my skin without any problems and doesn’t look pink at all. All in all, a complete opposite to any BB-cream by Balea or Maybelline I’ve tried so far.

I usually apply it after my daily moisturizer on those areas that need some coverage, such as my cheeks, T-zone and my chin. If I have some errands to run, I’ll just continue with my usual makeup routine. I love how it looks on my skin and I’ll definitely buy a new one when this tube up. It retails in Slovenia at around € 17 (here).

Freedom cosmetics goodies

Lovely ladies at Ličila.si surprised Slovenian beauty bloggers with a little gift for the International Women’s Day on 8 March. Each of us got a package with several Freedom make up products, some of them are from their #ProArtist line. Their parcels are always so cute, they wrap your order in a gorgeous wrapping paper with pink make up prints! I received three pieces, a brown I Heart Makeup eyeliner in shade Channeling my inner, an eye shadow shimmer refill in shade 08, and a yellow Pro HD Longwear corrector.

img_9013 img_9049kolaz-2After testing all three products out, I can tell you which one is my absolute favorite: the I heart Makeup eyeliner! It has a brown/bronzy shimmery look to it and an amazing pigmentation. What surprised me the most is that it didn’t smudge in my crease, which is unbelievable. The formula dries up pretty quickly and doesn’t move at all despite my hooded eyes and the fact that all waterproof eyeliners eventually smudge all over my eye lid. I’m really impressed and I see myself ordering another one or two from the same line. Next is the eye shadow refill in a golden, copper shade. The pigmentation is not that intense and it looks very sheer on the eyelid. I think it will work great as a base or transition shade. My least favorite product this time is the Pro HD Longwear corrector, too light for me both in texture and in color. It doesn’t cover the imperfections the way I want it to and you can see that it just sits in small wrinkles under my eyes. I’ll probably mix it with foundations that happen to be too dark for me, I think it would work great this way!

Big thanks to the Ličila.si team, you really made our day even more special!

Real techniques brushes & purple, my favorite combination

Real Techniques Eyes Starter SetReal Techniques Eyes Starter SetReal Techniques Eyes Starter Setimg_8897img_8918
I’ve been a daily user of several Real Techniques face brushes for years, so their eye makeup brushes were an obvious choice when I decided to try something new. And they were purple, who wouldn’t want that! Well, I didn’t buy the them just for their color, but because I wanted a set and this one basically includes every single brush you need. The Real Techniques starter set for eyes consists of the following five brushes: deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, fine liner brush, and brow brush.

So far I’ve tried three of them, both base shadow and crease brush as well as the accent brush. My first impressions are just like I imagined them to be: they are soft, precise and efficient. They complement my current eye shadow brush collection nicely and I really enjoy using the deluxe crease brush, it is much easier to blend everything together and create a smoky eye look now! And the accent brush is great for applying a highlighting eye shadow in the inner corner of my eyes and blending the eye pencil out.

The set also comes in a white panoramic case that is useful for travelling. The case is not the nicest I’ve seen in my life, but it serves its purpose. The right inner part has enough space for five brushes and the left side has two bigger compartments that can be used for storing two additional brushes. I find this amazing, because I can easily add two of my favorite face brushes, the blush and the expert face brush.

However, I have yet to try the fine line brush and the brow brush, first I have to buy a new gel eyeliner and a brow pomade, ha! We always find a way to buy new things, don’t we? :)


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