Girl Squad and Glitter

img_9763img_9717img_9714img_9740img_9774Hi, my lovely ladies! My lunch is in the making (coconut curry with veggies and basmati rice, my favorite!) and I want to take the opportunity to share my thoughts about four Essence products that I received not long ago. This is a highly important post: I’m obsessed with their quality and all of them are so useful – especially if you’re planning to go on any kind of music festival this summer. Believe me, these events require a bunch of arrangements months in advance, my best friend told me everything abot that ;)

First of all, I received two makeup brushes form their Girl Squad limited edition. To be honest, I was never particularly interested in their brushes, but these looked promising on the internet. They are shaped as ladies in the front and at the back, so cute! The first one is called Soft Sophie, such a funny name! It’s an all-around face brush and I like to use it for applying my loose powder on the under-eye area. The second one, however, is called Contouring Carla and has a different shape. This one is meant to use for contouring and highlighting, but I’m not particularly keen on this one. I just think it’s so difficult to use! I usually just dab the top into my highlighter and use it like that, but would probably work well with a bronzer in a gel or stick form. Nevertheless, the quality is decent for the price and they have 9 brushes to choose from, which is also great.

Last but not least, I also received a Glitter Primer and loose star glitter from their Get your glitter on! collection. And this is what I’ve been talking about at the beginning. If you’re planning to go somewhere special in the summer (or you’re already planning your Christmas and NY’s Eve makeup look like I am – this may sound excessive, but I’ve looked everywhere in December to find some loose glitter and couldn’t find it anywhere!), go take a look and you may find some interesting glitters or pigments. They offer 11 glitters and 4 pigments as well as a Glitter Primer. So far I have only tried it with the stars on my hand as there are not many occasions to wear glitter stars nowadays, but they stayed put until I took them off about an hour later. The primer has a beautiful rosy sheen and I’m sure it creates a nice transition into the glitter or pigment. It may even turn out to be an amazing eye shadow primer, but I have yet to find out. I think this whole line will be part of their spring/summer offer so I hope they aren’t sold out yet. As I said, I want to make sure I find some amazing glitter that will come in handy when the right occasion comes :)

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! 


Handmade & organic: meet Nelipot!

img_7517img_7550img_7573img_7558img_7536While my makeup choices are not that conscious most of the time, I am pretty strict when it comes to deodorants. I declared war against aluminium salts years ago, and although some deodorants are quite disappointing, I have some favorites that will get me through (almost) any stressful situation that comes my way. However, the selection of approved-by-Vesnaenviolet products has expanded not for just one product, but I dare say for a whole brand! I am happy to announce that Nelipot deodorants have made it thorough my careful and rigorous selection process.

This post has been in the making for months and I have already used both deodorants up. Although I received three products at the Beauty Conference last November, my focus is almost entirely on the two metal pots–I will get back to the Shverkaj powder later on. Just to describe the brand very briefly: Nelipot is a Slovenian brand established by two amazing human beings. Tina and Simon started their story by making their own deodorant cream that actually worked in their kitchen! I love the design and creative names of the products. Even the name of the brand is so original as it means the one who wanders barefoot. I love how perfectly they blend tradition with a modern approach to cosmetics. Needless to say, all of their products are cruelty-free and actually beneficial for our bodies and skin, what a treat!

As already mentioned, I received two deodorant creams, i.e. SHAC and IROF. At first, I was really skeptical because good organic deodorant creams are really hard to find. Especially because I had a very bad experience with a cream deodorant by Lush (that happened around 10 years ago, but the memory of that disaster is still very much alive!!). After a few weeks of looking at the pots on my desk I decided to give them a go and oh my, I am so glad that I did. SHAC is is made of coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, a number of other nourishing oils along with the scents of tea tree and lemongrass. IROF, on the other hand, is even stronger and is actually meant for men. It is filled with the scent of frangipane and bergamot and is nevertheless a great option even for women!

As already mentioned, the third item is the Shverkaj powder. This is a charcoal-based teeth cleanser in powder form with some Asian herbs that give it a fresh kick. I gave it to my sister because I am very picky when it comes to toothpastes, so she tried it out for me. She said that ginger and eucalyptus make it very refreshing, but you have to get used to it. Powder products for teeth are not that common after all :)

To recap, I loved both cream deodorants and luckily didn’t see any difference between the two with regard to their effectiveness. Both were amazing and I am looking forward to ordering other scents from their online store!

Favorite makeup items of 2017

img_9532img_9622img_9609img_9573img_9638img_9642I know I’m really late to the party, but I truly wanted to talk you through my favorite makeup items of 2017. Last year was pretty eventful makeup-wise, I started loving colorful eyes and maybe a little less eye-catching lips. But fear not, we will discuss every single item that really deserves your attention.

The Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 palette is my absolute favorite when it comes to catchy eyesThis is a very versatile eyeshadow palette, the shades ranging from matte and shimmery neutrals through colorful orange, pink and red shades all the way to deep nudes and black. I mean, is there any other shade you need in your daily life? And their wear-time is amazing, they blend beautifully and have a great pigmentation. And all that for just a little under € 13!

Another eye product that I surprisingly haven’t mentioned so far is the L’Oréal Paradise Extatic mascara. I love how thick my eyelashes look after just one coat, but can be slightly clumpy – I actually prefer a slightly edgy look, but not everyone enjoys it. This is my second tube in 7 months and there could be various reasons for that. 1) I like it so much that I go through very quickly, or 2) which is probably the real reason that I discussed on Instagram with Ana, a lovely blogger behind the Mad about red blog. She did a small investigation and actually discovered that there is a very small amount of mascara in the tube compared to other brands or even other L’Oréal mascaras (9.1 ml)! However, I’ve done a research of my own and it’s not that bad as there are other mascaras that have around 8 ml of the product for the same price. Nevertheless, the mascara costs around € 15, which is not a negligible amount of money, but you can occasionally get it on sales in Slovenia.

As I said, I was not that keen on buying or wearing that many lipsticks last year. I simply have so many that I only cycle between a few that I really enjoy (such as Ruby Woo by Mac or Matt Confident by Milani). However, there are two items that really surprised me. The first is the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, a very thick lip gloss that is so satisfying on the lips! It comes with a big doe foot applicator that covers the whole lip with just one stroke. It has a very glossy finish and I love that it doesn’t wear off quickly. The red undertone is just slightly visible, so it is perfect to intensify the natural color of your lips. The second one, however, is the L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime lip balm. They have several shades available, and though I still have a fair amount left, I think I will also go for the orange one in the spring. Again, a perfect lip balm that adds some color to your lips, but feels amazing and moisturizing.

Last but not least, I have two makeup items for the cheeks that really marked my 2017. The first is the Sun Stripping Bronzer by Catrice, my favorite bronzer since the moment it came into my life. I’ve been using it religiously since August and you can see the lines have not faded at all! I haven’t reached for any other bronzer for months and I’m super sad that it was only part of their summer limited edition. The second palette that took my heart is the Makeup Revolution Pro Amplified Strobe and Highlightning Palette. This is the most perfect set of four pressed and four creamy highlighters. They have the prettiest sheen ever and look amazing on the face. I love the creamy ones, I apply them with a sponge and they just melt together with the foundation.

Well, these are my top six makeup products of 2017. I know we’re almost in March, but I really wanted to recap my beauty favorites that I still use on a daily basis! :)

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