Poudrée by Narciso Rodriguez

3. 1. 2020

I’ve always connected scents with my overall well-being and they have a very positive impact on my mood. Choosing the right fragrance for the day has become a part of my morning routine and it can easily affect or emphasise the feelings I would like to achieve. Although my selection of fragrances isn’t that large (around 10 bottles), I love using those I have and feel they could be my favorites for years to come. Of course I don’t buy every single scent I like, but only those I manage to test in advance to see how they develop and how long-lasting they are.


One of my all-time favorite fragrances, Poudrée by Narciso Rodriguez, was launched in 2016. This eau de parfum completely took me over with its gorgeous powdery scent and a hint of flowers. The top notes consist of jasmine and Bulgarian rose, the heart of the fragrance is powdery musk and the base notes are made of vetiver and white cedar. Although Poudrée is one of the delicate fragrances in my opinion, it is extremely long-lasting and I can smell it at the end of the day on my wrists and especially on my clothes.


Its bottle is also very special. The inner part where the fragrance is stored has a rounded shape with a layer of light beige/pink as with most Narcisso fragrances. The only downside is that I have no control over the amount of liquid that remains in the bottle, but at least I will use it up quickly :) In short, this is the whole package – superb scent, long-lasting effect and beautiful exterior. I bought it last year in Munich, and is available at Müller and various online stores. It costs around €55 for a 50ml bottle, which doesn’t seem much for what we get. Gift packages are usually available around the New Year, in which you can also get a hair mist from the same line – it’s worth checking it out if you’re interested! <3

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