Our camping trip to Lake Bohinj

Back in the beginning of September, Alen and I spent a few days at Lake Bohinj. We (manily I!) decided to make a camping trip because weather was still perfect at the time. Although I hate camping in hot summers because there is no way to get away from heat, I don’t mind enjoying beautiful nature in the beginning of autumn. The weather can still be perfect, days are warm enough to wander around in summer clothes and nights are chill enough to realise colder months are on their way. As I usually wake up pretty early, I enjoyed my first cup of coffee on the shore every single morning all by myself, so nice to have some me-time in such a beautiful landscape! I just want to show you some pictures from our trip, it would literally be a crime not to share them ♥

I’m quite proud of ourselves because we actually managed to go hiking on the second day! My mom, who is a huge mountain lover and would love to spend every single minute there, recommended going to Vogar which offers a beautiful view on Lake Bohinj and other mountains. I was feeling quite courageous on the way up and took a 5-minute detour to the area where paragliders jump from, when I look back now I can imagine me tripping over, it scares me out!!

The way up was quite intense, but we were awarded with an extraordinary view on the lake and the Alps.

You can see we truly were happy campers! And on the last day before taking off, we also visited the Savica Falls. There were so many tourists it was practically impossible to take a picture without a hand with a selfie stick in the left corner. Nevertheless, we had an amazing time and deep down I believe we’re gonna repeat that the next year and maybe take a more challenging hike then, who knows!

A glimps of Liège

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I spent a month of my summer in Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium. I actually participated at a summer school for professors of French language and I’ve stayed in Liège for the first two and in Louvain-la-Neuve for the last two weeks.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been very touristy this time so I don’t have many recommendations about where to go to, but I did take a lot of photos while strolling around the city. Beside the intense immersion into the Francophone culture, I mounted the Stairs of Bueren, the 374-step stairway which is ranked as one of the most extreme staircases in the world. I would never say this is extreme in any way, but I was chatting all the way up so I may be biased!

Another thing worth mentioning is that the greenery in Wallonia is extremely … green! All the trees and other plants have such an intense color due to heavy rainfall and high humidity levels during the summer. I couldn’t get used to the climate at all and I’m pretty happy I’m already back in sunny Slovenia! As soon as I completely adapt to being at home, I’ll got through the rest of the photos and show you some other places I’ve been to in July. Enjoy!


Zakynthos III.


Hi there! Our vacation is slowly coming to an end and we couldn’t be more sad about it. This is our second time on Zakynthos (you can take a look at two posts from last year here and here) and I might say that we like it even more now! Nonetheless, this is the first picture sprinkle from our vacation. First, we had a 24-hour ferry ride, quite a lot, but we always have so much fun that times goes by insanely quickly. So it does during the actual vacation, but I believe that is everyone’s problem ;)





We are staying at a hotel in Laganas, the southernmost beach of the island and dare I say the most cosy place ever. The beach is only a 5-minute walk away from our hotel, it is full of sunbeds, restaurants, and British pubs (you heard me right!). As last year, our favorite spot is a beach bar and restaurant Driftwood. The staff is amazing, everyone is so relaxed and easy to chat with, it truly is a pleasure to spend some time here. And here, there is no one standing outside and practically forcing you to go inside, which can get to an insane extent on the coast (including a guy almost jumping around in a somewhat traditional costume with pom-poms on the shoes just begging to visit their restaurant). Oh, and don’t be mad that I took so many pictures of food! I’m in love with gyros and Greek salad, just to be clear ;)







I will probably post the second part of our trip next week, we also visited Cameo Island nearby and took some gorgeous photos! Take care

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