I cannot imagine summer without …

17. 8. 2019

As I haven’t talked about my favorite monthly favorites for some time, I’m here to highlight five products I cannot imagine summer without. I could easily talk about a bunch of items, but I sticked only to those five I reach for almost every single day. :) These are always in my makeup bag on vacation too because I can quickly even out my skin tone, add some bronzy touch and emphasize my lashes.

All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation by Nars beautifully mattifies the skin and covers all imperfections. Only a small amount is needed and although it’s quite liquidy, it provides the highest coverage. Mine is in shade Santa Fe (medium 2) and until July, I had to mix it with a lighter concealer by L’Oréal so that it matched my skin tone. Because I believe that bronzer is key for that perfect summer look, I’ve been using the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess constantly in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock on Look Fantastic and I think it’s part of a limited edition as well. It has a lovely warm undertone, nicely blends into the skin and, most importantly, looks natural. No shimmer is added, which I like the most. I never use shimmery bronzers because they emphasize the imperfections and little scars on the cheeks way too much. As for the eyelashes, I’m obsessed with the Graphic Lash Mascara by Zoeva that works great in the summer heat. Although it’s not waterproof, this mascara dries up completely and is almost difficult to remove it in the evening. I usually do so with oil-based cleansers to remove every single bit and not wake up like a panda in the morning!

This time I skipped SPFs 50 for face, you can read more in a separate blog post here. I probably don’t have to repeat that a good SPF protection is essential if we want to keep our skin good-looking and healthy as we get older. However, I haven’t discussed lip protection yet! Ever since I attended Kozmetango (a lovely beauty event that was organised in June for the first time) I’ve been loving the Coola lipbalm in shade Summer Crush with SPF 30. It is very mosturizing and performs great on the lips, but starts to form little clumps after a few hours. But this doesn’t bother me much because it contains mineral filters and a good combination of initial texture and high SPF is hard to find.

Because my skin is really dry and exhausted of all the sun despite regular SPF, body creams are a constant in my evening skincare at the moment. I once again fell in love with L’Occitanovo Terre de Lumière L’Eau, a beautifully scented moisturizer with tiny glitter. They aren’t that obvious and if I want to add more, I mix it with Chocotana, which is slightly too dark for every day use. It nicely mositurizes the skin and gives it a lovely scent that can be upgraded with the same L’Occitane fragrance.

So these are my five products I cannot imagine summer without. Do you have a similar list? :)

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