This long-awaited spring I’ve been loving …

img_9901img_0034img_0042img_9999img_9984Rejoice, warm weather is finally here! I mean, this winter was rough and the fact that I don’t need to wrap myself in a ton of clothes and a huge scarf is a huge success. I’m celebrating the beginning of the best part of the year with colorful, glowy looks and floral scents. Let’s take a look!

As I adore lightweight creams and serums, the Vichy Normaderm Anti Age is a perfect choice for my skin at the moment. Vitamin C, salicylic and glycolic acid are efficient against the first signs of ageing, blemishes and tired complexion. This treatment is perfect as it sinks into the skin in a matter of seconds and works great as a simple prep before applying foundation. I’ve also been loving the Detox Eye Roller by First Aid Beauty, a wonderful serum that is massaged into the delicate under-eye area using a cooling roller ball. When I saw that caffeine is just one of its many wonderful ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and peptides, I was sold! I cannot say that it reduces wrinkles, but I love the feeling it creates and a little massage here and there isn’t a bad thing, too. The third skincare item is the Herbio AHA Fruit Mask, a lovely face mask that’s been on my favorites list for months. There are times when I use it a lot and then slowly forget about it, but it truly is a very nice product. My skin is so plump and glowy after use and I love that it doesn’t dry my skin at all.

As for makeup, colorful eyes are my favorite pick most of the time. I cannot emphasize enough how much I adore the Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes! They offer such a wide range of shades, plus they are insanely affordable for what you get. My two faves at the moment are the Shoph X and Flawless 4, eyeshadow palettes, I wrote extensively about them in my previous post (you can read more by clicking on each one of them). Although I love pairing bright shades with a neutral lip or just a little bit of my Clinique lip oil, I also love adding some depth to my lips. And not just for that, I found this amazing L.O.V. lip stick in shade Angelina’s belief in my makeup drawer and I’ve been obsessed with its texture ever since! It is somewhere between a brown and a red, but looks pretty neutral on my lips. I only need to do a small retouch after my lunch, otherwise stays put throughout most of my day. I love it!

Last but not least, my hectic schedule calls for some relaxing aromatherapy sessions whenever possible. As stated before, I love floral scents that remind me of spring, which is finally here! I cannot get my hands off of the L’Occitane’s miniature fragrances that I got in their Premium Advent Calendar last year (by the way, it was worth every penny and I’m sure it will be mine this year as well!). Néroli & Orchidée is so elegant and fresh, perfectly blending floral notes and fruity scents. And although there is a slight hint of lemon, Verveine is the one to go for if you’re really into citruses! Verbena, geranium and lemon tree make a perfect summer perfume. This one brings back so many memories of my teenage years as my mom, my sister and I used up several bottles years ago, I love it!

My hands have finally recovered after experiencing so much cold this year! No surprise that my fave hand cream at the moment also comes from L’Occitane. Since I love their Cherry Blossom fragrance, there was no doubt I would like their Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, too. Works like a charm and leaves a gorgeous scent that sticks around for a couple of minutes. And the product that’s been helping me sleep lately is the This Works Stress Check, a wonderful therapeutic roll on that I actually received for Christmas from one of my friends. It consists of pure Eucalyptus, Frankincense and Lavender essential oils that immediately calm me down. Just a few rolls on my wrists and I’m good to go straight into bed.

This is my recap of all the items I’ve been loving these past weeks. If we share a favorite or you have some other products on your list, please let us all know in the comments :)

Eye shadow palette that has it all


Hi, lovelies! You have probably realized by now that colorful eye shadows are a huge trend right at the moment. And this is not surprising as so many new eye shadow palettes that have been released in the last 6 months have a whole range of colorful shades. Intense earth tones are all I need nowadays as well – various shades of red, orange and brown that perfectly complement a neutral outfit.

My eye shadow palette collection has expanded once more last week! Lič sent me the amazing Soph X palette by Makeup Revolution created in a collaboration with a British blogger and Youtuber SophDoesNails. This is an eye shadow palette that has it all: 14 matte and 14 shimmery shades, a variety of neutrals and transition shades, but also light shimmers and some bold colors. And ever since I attended an event organised by Bottega Verde Slovenia on Friday, where the amazing and talented makeup artist Anja Kolnec showed us hot makeup trends with intense eye makeup, my wish is to try and recreate a similar look on myself soon! Anyhow, I love these shades, the nude and the shimmery ones have some fallout, but otherwise is similar to the other Makeup Revolution London palettes. Just beware that the blue shimmery shade in the middle isn’t what it looks like! It’s actually duochrome and turns into a brown/blue shade when applied to the skin (the rightmost shade on my hand).

However, this beauty was not the only thing I received! The package also included a gorgeous rose gold highlighter from their Ingot Highlighter collection. There are three shades available, the other two are gold and platinum. Although the rose gold looks quite dark, it works pretty great as a highlighter on my complexion. But I also love that it can be used as a shimmery blush or an eye shadow. I watched a Youtube video about these three and they are sooo buildable, it makes me wanna buy the platinum one as well haha!

Nevertheless, this isn’t over yet! Lič team has kindly given me a coupon code for a free shipping, so if you’re from Slovenia and want to do some shopping with a free shipping, you can use the code ‘ZENSKA‘. Thank you so much for such a lovely surprise, Lič!


Black as night but gentle as a lamb

img_9819img_9834img_9860img_9889dr-organic-active-charcoalAlthough I’ve always had a soft spot for organic skincare products, I only recently tried my first activated charcoal items. I don’t know, I just didn’t get the hype about those intense black masks everyone was raving about. However, this Dr. Organic Activated Charcoal line is nothing but a pure joy to use: so gentle to the skin, but very purifying. My favorite product is the face mask, which has a lovely texture, applies easily and doesn’t dry too much on the skin. I also love the face wash, which can be sightly drying at times, and the face scrub, which has tiny particles that remove the dead skin cells without causing irritation. The body wash is among my favorites, too, particularly because it doesn’t foam and has an amazing, aromatherapy-like scent. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the shampoo and conditioner. My scalp is irritated instantly and just cannot adapt to these products. The conditioner is maybe even not that bad, but I tried the shampoo countless times and nothing changes. And this is not a bad thing, we just don’t get along and maybe I’ll give it to one of my friends so at least one person will be glad to use! it :) 


Že od nekdaj imam šibko točko za naravne izdelke, pa naj gre za ličila ali pa za izdelke za nego telesa. Priznam, da v navalu navdušenja prepogosto kupim ličila, ki nimajo najboljšega izvora ali vpliva na naravo – in zavedam se, da so tudi mnoge sestavine zdravju škodljive. Vesela pa sem, da že dolgo posegam za izdelki za nego telesa, ki imajo številne naravne izvlečke, so večinoma naravnega izvora in niso testirani na živalih.

Ker je preizkušanje novih izdelkov moje največje veselje, sem bila še toliko bolj navdušena, ko sem v test prejela celotno linijo izdelkov znamke Dr. Organic z aktivnim ogljem! Naj vas barva vsebine ne zavede: je že res, da so izdelki sivo-črni zato, ker vsebujejo aktivno oglje, vendar naj vam povem, da že dolgo nisem uporabljala nežnejših izdelkov za telo. Da ne govorim o njihovem vonju, tako pomirjujoč in prijeten je, da bi jih z veseljem vonjala cel dan! Primerni so za mešano in mastno kožo, za suho kožo pa bi raje uporabila kakšno bolj hranljivo linijo (Monika iz Sugarlove blog priporoča tudi njihovi liniji s kokosom in maroškim arganom). Ker je moja koža zadnje čase bolj problematična kot običajno, so izdelki z aktivnim ogljem trenutno res najboljša izbira, vsaj kar zadeva naravno kozmetiko.

Čistilni gel za obraz Purifying Face Wash večinoma uporabljam za drugo čiščenje po odstranjevanju ličil ali pa zjutraj, preden začnem s svojo jutranjo nego. Kožo resnično dobro očisti, moram pa priznati, da je malenkost izsušujoč. Čez poletje mi bo to popolnoma ustrezalo, za jesen in zimo pa bo verjetno presuh. Enkrat na teden uporabim piling za obraz Deep Cleansing Face Scrub. Vsebuje drobne delce, ki nežno odstranijo suho kožo. Všeč mi je, ker ni tako grob do kože na obrazu – že tako imam nekaj težav, tako da se z veseljem izognem novim brazgotinam in draženju. Približno dvakrat na teden pa nanesem tudi masko za obraz Pore Cleansing Face Mask, ki je verjetno moj najljubši izdelek od vseh! Tako prijeten občutek naredi na obrazu, lepo se suši in po desetih minutah nič ne zateguje, kar me običajno moti pri glinenih maskah. To bom zagotovo ponovno kupila, ko jo porabim do konca!

Izjemno mi je všeč tudi gel za tuširanje Purifying Body Wash, saj se ne peni, kar je najboljši dokaz, da izdelek ne vsebuje umetnih sestavin za penjenje. Tudi najlepše diši od vseh – po zeliščih in klinčkih – tako da je nujen aromaterapevtski del mojega rituala za začetek napornega dneva. :)

Žal pa nisem najbolj navdušena nad šamponom in balzamom za lase Purifying Shampoo ter Purifying Conditioner. Prvi večer so sicer lasje zelo mehki in lepo dišijo, naslednji dan pa moje lasišče ponori in nanesti moram tono suhega šampona, da si sploh upam stopiti iz hiše. Ne, balzama nikoli ne nanašam na lasišče, tako da niti ni kriv za nastalo situacijo. Šamponu sem res dala veliko priložnosti in žal se pri meni ne obnese. Nekako imam občutek, da bi bil bolj ustrezal tistim z bolj suhim lasiščem. Midva se ne ujameva – in s tem ni nič narobe :) Verjetno ga bom skupaj z balzamom podarila kakšni prijateljici in upam, da bo katero bolj razveselil, kot je mene!

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