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15. 7. 2018

img_2260img_2284img_2271img_2249img_2296Hi, lovelies! I hope you’re doing great, I’m having a super chill Sunday morning and just had my green smoothie and coffee. I have to share a new addition to my wardrobe with you today: my new pastel pink bag by Ted Baker with rose gold details! I was browsing thorough discounts on Asos last week and my hart completely stopped when I saw this cutie 50 % off. It’s so beautifully designed and crafted and the length of handles can be adjusted as you wish. A small envelope bag that can be taken out as well comes inside, which is perfect because I was looking for such a bag, too. And because I’m fed up with huge purses that don’t fit in small bags or clutches, I went for their green/beige card holder. I’ll probably post a styling on my Instagram as soon as I’m somewhere pretty with someone, it’s hard to take any photos when you’re rushing to work every morning alone! :)



31. 5. 2018


KIK has been my favorite home decor store for years. Their bowls and small decoration are the cutest ever, and they’re very affordable as well! They change their offer every single season and to be completely honest, I haven’t shopped through the clothing section up until now. They opened a renovated store in Ljubljana last week and you can imagine how exciting it was to browse through the clothes and try them on in a practically empty store! I was really impressed by their quality and went for two summer shirts, a beach dress and some accessories (some pics will follow soon!). After that I obviously ran over to the decoration department, I would buy every single item in a heart beat! It was so nice to chat with the other girls and see what we’ll be able to wear in the following months! Big thanks to the KIK team for inviting me over and Anita, my favorite person in the world, for helping me take some pictures :)

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White Moon Malas

2. 8. 2017

img_4854img_4888img_4883img_4864As a dedicated yogini, one of my favorite hobbies at yoga classes and on Instagram is watching yoga fashion on my fellow yoga lovers. One thing that has been missing from my perfect yoga outfit was a mala, a beautiful piece of jewellery that is usually used for meditation – but makes a perfect addition to your look. My boyfriend’s cousin Špela has her own mala brand, White Moon Malas, and I was beyond excited when his mother got me a mala bracelet for my birthday. My mala has beautiful neutral shades and is made of rosewood, rose quartz and picasso jasper beads. I’ve been wearing it every single day to work, it goes amazing with any style even outside the yoga class!

Her designs are without a fault – everything is thought out to the last detail. Every mala comes in a cute box with a ribbon and inside there are a mala with a protective pouch along with a personal message, some information about the semi-precious stones the piece of jewellery is made of and some general information on maintenance and history of malas. She also has her own Etsy shop that you can visit here, so if you have a friend or family member who enjoys doing yoga and you want to get them something beautiful and personal, take a look at her malas and you may find something that will be perfect just for them!