Chia pudding with persimmon and homemade granola

27. 1. 2020

Although I live for warm winter breakfasts, I sometimes make myself something more refreshing based on fruit. In my opinion, chia is really fun to use because of its texture and can be a basis for a wonderful cooking- and fuss-free chia pudding. This time I added a slightly sour coconut yoghurt, persimmon, which is nicely sweet towards the end of the season, and some homemade granola for a crunchy kick (one of my recipes is here). And why not join all of these together and have it for breakfast? :) It packs a bunch of healthy fats, is light and tasty, but also very refreshing and reminded me of spring and summer (I cannot wait!). I usually have it for breakfast, so I put it together ahead in the evening. For one person I used:

two tbsp chia ♥ two tbsp coconut yoghurt ♥ two tbsp water ♥ one persimmon ♥ some granola

I added two spoons of coconut yoghurt and two spoons of water into a glass (I could have used plant-based milk, but you cant skip this step for a thicker pudding), and then add two spoons of chia seeds. This mixture needs to be stirred thoroughly so that no lumps of chia are formed, and put it into the fridge for a couple of hours (or overnight). In the morning, I peeled a soft persimmon (the usual soft type, not vanilla), blended it with a mixer and poured over chia pudding. Then I just added some homemade granola and chia pudding is served, yum!

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