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24. 6. 2019

And I’m getting near the 30s as well! :) Birthdays are my favorites because they are one of the rare occasions that bring me and Alen to the city centre together. I’ve never lived in Ljubljana, but have been in the centre almost every day since highschool, which was almost 13 years ago. In recent years, a walk through and a pleasant lunch have become a lovely ritual we both appreciate greatly <3

After our morning coffee, we went to Zoofoa, a Slovenian store offering jewellery, clothing and accessories made by Slovenian designers, where I bought a cute pair of earrings by Mancca (these, but I love this golden pair as well!). I actually decided to start buying some clothes made by Slovenian designers because I got tired of completely stuffed shelves and crowds in larger clothing stores. It’s important to support Slovenian designers, whether they sell fashion, jewellery, food, furniture or anything else. We can buy so many great things that are made in Slovenia in a sustainable way, but then we invest our energy and time into industries that are known for their bad practices. In a way, this commitment is a gift to myself and the society for the future :)

And then it was time for lunch! We went to Shambala for the first time – I always eat their curry at Odprta kuhna and finally wanted to visit their restaurant. You can enter their premises from one of the oldest and prettiest streets in Ljubljana, i.e. the Križevniška ulica between the City Museum and Ljubljanica. If you plan an early lunch as we did, you should know that Shambala opens at 12 o’clock. Although I’m not a prawn lover, we chose grilled Black Tiger prawns with mango sauce as a starter. The marinade was AH-MAZING and they actually tasted great, although I would’ve never ordered them myself. Thai curry was obviously my choice for the main dish (I’m not sure whether it was green or red one) and it was insanely good, but very hot. I’m used to spicy foods as we grow chills at home, but this time it was even too hot for Alen. He wisely chose Pad Thai, which was insanely good and the next time I’ll take it, too! Portions are huge and I promise you won’t leave Shambala hungry. If there was any space left and I was allowed to eat gluten, chocolate soufflé would without any doubt be my choice dessert-wise. My layman’s review: 5/5!

All in all, we had an amazing day. If you have any recommendations for other interesting Asian restaurants in Ljubljana besides those in the city centre, let me know. We both enjoy Asian cuisine and even on trips we quickly find sushi or Asian fusion places (so boring, I know!) ;) Have a nice start to the week <3


Happy New Year! #2019

2. 1. 2019

And here we are, one year later and a whole lot wiser (or so I hope!). I think this is the first time that I actually made a recap of the entire year in terms of work, relations and time for myself. To think about what I’m proud of and where I can improve in the future and, more importantly, to stop concentrating on the negative too much (this one will step into force after the following paragraph :D). In my case, 2018 was marked with a lot of work that too often kept me away from any free time and, consequently, from taking care of myself and pursuing my favorite hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply love what I do for a living, but there is a thin line between working just right and working too much. My struggle with time is a never-ending battle. And I hate saying that I don’t have enough time for some things that only two years ago seemed so easy to do, when the real issue lies in setting the priorities. Unfortunately, our days only have 24 hours and as much as we try to stick everything in that time-frame, that just isn’t possible.

To me, the term resolution often implies ambitious goals that people only stick to for a short period of time, or maybe for a few weeks if they’re lucky. I recently stumbled upon this funny New Year wish that deeply resonates with that on the internet:

“The most fun part about making New Year’s resolutions is breaking New Year’s resolutions. Can’t wait to mess up with you.”

I think this quote nicely outlines the issue that so many of us struggle with :) For this reason, I’ll keep resolutions out of the way and set some intentions that I can work on throughout the whole year: to choose my working projects wisely, not feel guilty about taking some time off to pursue my hobbies or just unwind, be more active, really enjoy every single moment of my life and, most importantly, remain true to myself in this hectic (online) world.

Having said all of that, you can probably see that my blog has a new theme! I’ve been working on that for a few months now and this is the end result, it’s much more clear and elegant, I love it. All credit for the new logo goes to Iva from Kutak Sreće, thank you so much for helping me out! There’s still some work to be done on the previous posts, but I’ll get to that – once I find some time, haha! Alen, my beloved boyfriend and blog administrator, has yet to install a new feature – a language button! This means that from now on, my posts will be available in both of my beloved languages <3

This obviously leads to you, dear readers! Thank you for sticking with me on this platform that has been up and running for the past 5 years, I really appreciate the time you spend here. Also huge thanks to all the companies that decide to work with me and send me their products, please know that your support means the world to me.

I’ll be concluding this post with the best nine Instagram photos of 2019 and I promise to you and to myself to dedicate more time to what you and I love most: nature, healthy food, makeup&beauty and an occasional selfie ;)

Out with the old, in with the new: my you be happy the whole year through! Happy 2019, everyone!! ♥



27. 6. 2018

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In addition to makeup and skincare, my hobby these days is to browse through furniture and home decor websites. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for a few months now and came up with so many ideas how to decorate the apartment and make it even more beautiful. To be honest, I became obsessed with neutrals and golden details in recent years, I think this combo makes everything so minimalist and timeless. I found some nice items on and Zara Home (they even have some discounts at the moment, so this is the perfect time to do some shopping!). What do you think, is there anything you like on my WL as well? :)



21. 6. 2018

I’m so happy to announce that I finally graduated from my post-grad translation studies! I actually defended my thesis last Thursday, but was so overwhelmed and it is only now becoming clear to me that I’m really done with studying :) Alen and I took a day off work and first headed for a cocktail in the center (Tokyo Piknik has a great Mai Tai and virgin mojito), a walk and lunch at As. This is a wonderful start of the summer apart from the fact that I have ton of work :D Either way, I cannot wait for my vacation because this was really exhausting. It is hard to work full-time as an individual entrepreneur and finish the thesis in that little amount of time that you have in the evening or during the weekend, but I managed to do it! Now I have to clean the house and take a peek into my recent package from Dr. Organic! ♥ Stay tuned on my Instagram :)


HAPPY 2018!

2. 1. 2018

Happy new year, everybody! I hope you had an amazing time on Sunday, me and Alen celebrated the end of 2017 in the same way as last year: by the pool sipping cocktails! A lot has happened in 2017, I started working as a freelance translator and had experienced some of the most stressful periods of my life. I also almost finished my master’s thesis so I’m just a month or two from finally finishing my studies. I also had the best summer with Alen and I really hope we’ll be able to spend a few weeks on the seaside again in the future. However, my resolution for the following year is to work less or more efficiently, find more time to relax and be more sporty throughout the week. All of this brings me to my blog and you, my lovely readers! I would like to thank you so so much for all your support on my blog and on my Instagram account. I’m thankful for every single like and you are the reason why I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my work. Let 2018 be the best year yet! 

Hugs, Vesna ♥

Fashion Lifestyle

White Moon Malas

2. 8. 2017

img_4854img_4888img_4883img_4864As a dedicated yogini, one of my favorite hobbies at yoga classes and on Instagram is watching yoga fashion on my fellow yoga lovers. One thing that has been missing from my perfect yoga outfit was a mala, a beautiful piece of jewellery that is usually used for meditation – but makes a perfect addition to your look. My boyfriend’s cousin Špela has her own mala brand, White Moon Malas, and I was beyond excited when his mother got me a mala bracelet for my birthday. My mala has beautiful neutral shades and is made of rosewood, rose quartz and picasso jasper beads. I’ve been wearing it every single day to work, it goes amazing with any style even outside the yoga class!

Her designs are without a fault – everything is thought out to the last detail. Every mala comes in a cute box with a ribbon and inside there are a mala with a protective pouch along with a personal message, some information about the semi-precious stones the piece of jewellery is made of and some general information on maintenance and history of malas. She also has her own Etsy shop that you can visit here, so if you have a friend or family member who enjoys doing yoga and you want to get them something beautiful and personal, take a look at her malas and you may find something that will be perfect just for them!


Festive Cocktail, anyone?

22. 1. 2017

I’ve never been the lucky one who would participate in giveaways and actually win anything. This is why I’ve been so excited that I won the Festive Cocktail Yankee Candle in a giveaway by Tara at The Beauty of Nail Polish in December! Festive Cocktail, as it is called in Europe, is part of the Yankee Candle limited edition and in the USA, it goes by the name of Alpine Martini. It has a very nice, wintery scent. Sweet mountain berries are combined with pine notes that create a lovely atmosphere in the room but are not overpowering. I love it and now I cannot wait to go take a look at the spring limited edition, as far as I saw it on Instagram I may like a few of their new scents!