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Gluten free Christmas cookies

30. 12. 2018

I asked my boyfriend to help me out and this is what he came up with … :D

Hi, my loves! I hope you had an amazing Christmas week, I had so much fun spending some time with my family <3 And baking cookies is another thing I like doing around Christmas. Luckily I took some pictures along the way and because I really liked the end result, you can find the recipe below. If you don’t know it yet, gluten free cookies almost always taste different than the regular ones – especially if you try to make them healthy in general. Although I love how they turned out, my grandparents made it clear that they prefer the traditional version ;) As you’ll see, the recipe is really simple, so there’s no reason not to try doing them! I also added some golden flax seed flour Special that was sent to me by Lepa z naravo, an online store retailing organic and cruelty-free cosmetics, but also LCHF flours and other dietary products. This is how I made them:

500 g gluten free flour    250 g golden flax seed flour    1/2 tsp salt    2 tbsp gingerbread mixture
ground nutmeg & cinnamon    275 g butter    200 g brown sugar    2 tbsp agave sirup/honey  ♥  1 egg

Add both flours, gingerbread, spices and salt into a bowl and mix. In a separate bowl, mix together butter and sugar on low speed and after 3 minutes, add one egg. When everything comes together, add the agave sirup or honey. Then start adding the flour & spice mixture spoon by spoon. At the end, the dough still looks sticky, but don’t be discouraged! You’ll form three balls, wrap them in plastic foil and put into the freezer (or on the balcony, winter is great for baking!) for 15 minutes. Then preheat oven to 200°C.

When the dough has rested for some time, take one ball, put it on a floured surface and gently press down. Then add some more flour on top, spread it with your fingers and then start rolling until the dough has around 0.5 cm. Then you’re ready to start cutting cookies! I mostly made stars, to be in the spirit of Christmas, but also some animals. However, the moose was too large and it broke down before I managed to decorate it …

Put into the oven for 10 minutes or until they are golden brown. Then put them on a rack and when they cool down, you can decorate them as you wish. I used the Dr.Oetker sugar pen, but I was so disappointed! It was hard to get the paste out, it didn’t attach to the cookies and above all, I just don’t like the taste. If I’m honest, I’ve never had any good experiences with these sorts of tubes. I’ll have to visit a professional baking store, maybe they’ll be able to help me out!



20. 7. 2018

The one thing I like the most about the summer is the abundance of fresh, home-grown fruits and veggies. And there’s no better way to start your day than with a delicious smoothie, right? ;) These days I’m obsessed with this red smoothie, packed with vitamins and minerals. As usual, the recipe for this healthy beet and raspberry smoothie is so simple it hurts, but is very nutritious and will fill you up for hours! For two people I used:

two small ripe bananas    a bunch of greens, such as beet leaves (great for salads, too!), kale, and parsley  ♥ 
one beet    a handful of raspberries    1 heaping tablespoon vegan protein powder   1 teaspoon maca powder

Peel the bananas and the beet and put them in the blender along with washed greens. I also love adding one big tablespoon of vegan protein powder, I currently have this one, and one teaspoon of maca powder that is great for hormones – both of them are by Nutrisslim (I got them at Interspar). Then just add one cup of water and start blending! If you prefer sweeter smoothies, add a date or two, but you can obviously add some peanut or almond butter. Voilà! Then just top these off with some chia seeds and raspberries. If this isn’t the most perfect breakfast ever, I don’t know what it is! :)



7. 1. 2018

img_8160img_8199winter-smoothieimg_8299img_8290My smoothie obsession has kicked in once again! Although smoothies are perfect for warmer months, I cannot help but make myself a thick, creamy one that can slightly remind me of a dessert, haha! This winter smoothie has everything I need for a great start of the day: some bananas (which are really necessary for the texture), organic cacao powder for a hint of chocolate, blueberries for some vitamins and color, but also peanut butter for a richer flavor. I also added some Maca powder to give me more energy and I always buy it at For one hungry person or two normal servings you’ll need:

2 bananas    1 small cup of frozen blueberries  ♥  1 tbs maca powder    2 tbs raw cacao powder
♥  1 heaping spoon of peanut butter  ♥  a piece of ginger    1 cup of water

Just blend everything together until smooth. Then top it off with some chia seeds and a couple of frozen blueberries. I’ve been using the Kitchen Aid blender since last June, Alen actually got it for my birthday! I’m so impressed by how it works, it creates amazing smoothies, effortlessly makes ice creams and sorbets. I also made ice powder that is just perfect for cocktails on several occasions and it was amazing! I’ve made some amazing margaritas in the summer and I’m really looking forward to the next one. But I don’t mind, these creamy smoothies will keep me company until then!.


Moja navdušenost s smutiji (smoothieji, zmešančki?!) je ponovno tukaj! Čeprav so smutiji odlični med toplimi meseci, si zadnje čase vseeno zelo rada naredim goste in kremaste, ki me malenkost spominjajo na sladico, haha! Zimski smuti vsebuje vse, kar se mi zdi pomembno za odličen začetek dneva: banane (ki so nujne za dobro teksturo), presni kakav za malo čokoladnega okusa, borovnice za vitamine in barvo, pa tudi arašidovo maslo za polnejši okus. Dodala sem tudi maco v prahu za še več energije, vedno pa jo kupim na spletni strani Za eno lačno osebo ali dva normalna kozarca potrebujemo:

2 banani    1 manjši lonček zmrznjenih borovnic    1 žlica mace v prahu    2 žlici presnega kakava
1 zelo veliko žlico arašidovega masla    košček ingverja  ♥  1 kozarec vode

Vse stresemo v blender in mešamo, dokler ni vse dobro zmešano. Smuti okrasimo s chia semen in nekaj zmrznjenimi borovnicami. Od lanskega junija uporabljam mešalnik znamke Kitchen Aid, ki mi ga je Alen kupil za rojstni dan! Res sem presenečena, kako dobro se je izkazal, naredi res odlične smutije, brez težav tudi sladoled ali sorbet. Večkrat sem naredila tudi sneg iz ledu, s katerim sem pripravila res odlične koktajle! Poleti sem naredila res najboljšo margarito na svetu in komaj čakam na novo sezono. Ampak se ne pritožujem, taki kremasti smutiji mi bodo do takrat delali družbo!