21. 6. 2018


I can still remember the moment when I first saw Natura Siberica in our stores. Their beautifully designed packaging immediately caught my attention and it’s even more beautiful and sleek today. I received their new skincare line perfect for a mixed skin type several weeks ago. Even when I saw some photos online, I already knew it would be something special. And it’s impossible for me to choose my favorite product as all of them are truly incredible!.

I was most interested to try the White Cleansing Butter that is firm to the look, but very soft to the touch. You simply massage a small amount onto the face, add some water to create an emulsion-like texture and rinse it off. As I usually have quite a lot of makeup on my face, I repeat the process once again. Although it’s incredibly buttery, there is no oily layer after use! Nevertheless, the Cleansing Micellar Water perfectly removes all the makeup as well without creating a lot of mess around the sink. I also love that it doesn’t sting my eyes, probably the only micellar water I’ve tried that isn’t irritating. As I said, the whole collection is fascinating and the White Purifying Face Mask won’t let you down either. Because the mask is very thick and buttery in consistency, it doesn’t dry and feels very moisturizing all the time. Natura Siberica also has a black line formulated for dry skin that is also worth checking out if you require a richer skincare. I honestly couldn’t be more excited for these product and would really recommend trying them out, especially if you’re into new textures and organic skincare!

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