11. 7. 2018

img_2037img_2035Orange is without a doubt an amazing, vibrant shade that goes well to any summer outfit. However, not any orange shade cuts it through to my makeup vanity! If I only had to choose one nail polish to use for the rest of the year, my answer would be really simple: I’d pick the Collistar gloss nail lacquer with gel effect in shade Arancio Solare 542. I bought it around two months ago because I really needed a new nail polish. Honestly, I stopped buying new ones last year as soon as I realised my nail polish count significantly exceeded 50. So, I wanted something new and tried to find a real orangey orange, which is really hard to find to my surprise! There aren’t many orange shades available, and even when there are, the color is always more on the red side.

This is how I found my Arancio Solare, wore it non-stop (always two layers, of course), and almost used it up. The lacquer itself is really long lasting as well, probably one of the best ones I have at the moment. The bottle looks quite worn down, but I’m sure I’ll use it up to the last drop. What can I say, I love myself some statement nails!

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  • Reply Just Ajda 12. 7. 2018 at 8:41

    Lepa barva, poletna! Jaz ponavadi sicer ne nosim oranžnih lakov, ne vem, nikoli ne posežem po njih, se mi pa zdi, da bolj pašejo na zagorelo polt ;)

    • Reply Vesna 15. 7. 2018 at 14:40

      Ja, jaz oranžne samo poleti rada nosim :)

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