21. 6. 2018

I’m so happy to announce that I finally graduated from my post-grad translation studies! I actually defended my thesis last Thursday, but was so overwhelmed and it is only now becoming clear to me that I’m really done with studying :) Alen and I took a day off work and first headed for a cocktail in the center (Tokyo Piknik has a great Mai Tai and virgin mojito), a walk and lunch at As. This is a wonderful start of the summer apart from the fact that I have ton of work :D Either way, I cannot wait for my vacation because this was really exhausting. It is hard to work full-time as an individual entrepreneur and finish the thesis in that little amount of time that you have in the evening or during the weekend, but I managed to do it! Now I have to clean the house and take a peek into my recent package from Dr. Organic! ♥ Stay tuned on my Instagram :)

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