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February favorites ◊ 2016

29. 2. 2016

Today is the last day of February and it feels strange that there won’t be another post on the 29th of February for another four years! I’ve got a variety of products to go through this time, let’s go!

I’ve started stepping out of my comfort zone – usually red lips and earthy eye shadow tones – with a bright orange Topshop lipstick in shade Hedonist. This color is not my usual pick, it was at the bottom of my makeup drawer and I haven’t touched it for ages. I think this is one of the most opaque orange lippies I’ve seen so far, but I have to use a lip scrub the night before because it dries my lips quite a lot. Secondly, it always seems like I start incorporating trends into my makeup routine when they’re all last season. Marsala eyes have only just reached me and I’ve been loving it! As a base, I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo (Pomegranate) and I top if off with a metallic purple shade Icon from the MUA’s Smokin Palette (the bottom left shade, more here) and pair it with a very luxurious and moisturizing Roses et Reines pink lip balm by L’Occitane.

One of the perks of February is the fact that spring is almost here! It’s such a pleasure to watch snowdrops and primroses that already started blooming in the gardens and along the roads ♥ All of this means that it will be easier to take care of our hands and hair, the two critical parts of the past season. I’ve been saving my hands with the Essence Smile, you are pretty! handcreme, which smells amazing!! And it really protects my skin that needs constant care. I also couldn’t go on without mentioning the Omnia Botanica argan oil that I’ve been using on my hair throughout the whole winter. It does wonders to my hair and makes them incredibly soft, I’ll have to get myself a new bottle soon!  I’ve instagrammed the Born to Bio Vanilla Flower deodorant a few months back and I love to use it when I’m home or don’t have any special plans for the day. Its gorgeous vanilla scent is to die for, not too powerful, but still strong enough that I can feel it for a few minutes. Not to mention it is paraben- and aluminium salts-free, the most important part if you ask me.

There’s also a chocolate update for you! I don’t really like milk chocolates or chocolates with a low quantity of cocoa just because they’re packed with sugar without a good reason. The Gorenjka and Choceur chocolates are my current favorites, I used the same 75% Gorenjka chocolate for the Valentine’s day dessert and it worked out great. There’s no doubt these will become my go-to baking chocolates!

The last thing to mention are the SEVA incense sticks. I’m not an incense stick expert, but I do know that good incense sticks are really hard to find. I’ve tried lots and lots of different sticks that just didn’t do the job for me, the scent after you burn them is almost never the same compared to what you smelled at the shop. My ambition to find another good brand after the L’Occitane’s incense sticks were discontinued finally ended up with a good find! I got these incense sticks from Om Šiva Ezoterika, a bookshop in Ljubljana (BTC, link here), and each type is specifically designated for one of the chakras. I use them at my every yoga practice and they make the whole workout experience even more enjoyable!

Take care,
Vesna ♥


New in #7 + first impressions

25. 9. 2015


During the summer, I decided not to buy every single makeup item, but rather only those I really need (I’ve grown so much in the past few months!). Plus, I had so many barely used beauty products in my drawers that I had to use that up first. Well, autumn is here so let’s go through my latest buys!

The product I am the most thrilled about is the Inell Eau Micellaire for dry and sensitive skin. This is actually by E.Leclerc’s own brand called Marque Repère. I was eager to try this one out because it was on sale and cost only around € 1.80! My first impression is great, this micellar water can be easily compared with the Garnier’s one, it cleanses all makeup and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin whatsoever. The only thing that bothered me so far is the fact that mascara is not removed completely, I always have to work a bit more on that part. To sum it up, a great product for a very low price.

As for the hair, I got the Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo with such an incredible honey scent! But it’s nothing special, just a regular shampoo that cleanses my hair nicely. The product I’m more interested in is the Xpel Marketing’s Biotin & Collagen thickening hair oil I purchased in Müller for around € 3.5. Xpel Marketing is actually a Liverpool-based company that I’ve never heard before, but has a number of beauty ranges – and just now I realised that I already have a mask from their Argan Oil range (available in Tuš drugstores and sometimes in E.Leclerc). So, this thickening silicone hair oil contains Vitamin B7 and Collagen for stronger, healthier and fuller hair. As far as I’ve noticed it makes my hair much softer, but doesn’t provide the fullness it is promising – which is totally fine with me as my hair is thick enough just by itself. Again, a nice product for a very low price.

I think I’ve found a perfect shower gel for autumn – the scent of Afrodita’s Mystic Argan oil shower gel is so calming and somehow mysterious, this is everything I need during my morning “aromatherapy” shower session. A big like!

Next is the Balea Frisch in den Tag fluid with vitamin E and Provitamin B5. It bothers me a bit that it smells like raspberries since I’m not that into fruity scents in creams. The packaging is nevertheless gigantic. you get 50 ml for under € 4, if I’m not mistaken, and it may still be on sale in Slovene Drogerie Markt drugstores.


 I finally got my hands on Essie’s Fiji!!!! I always compliment everyone who’s wearing and it was time to get my own. And I must add, I love Drogerie Markt’s 1+1 Essie deal ♥

 A complete lipstick junkie as I am, you could imagine my reaction when my best friend got me a Rimmel London lipstick from her vacation!! She chose the Lasting Finish by Kate in shade RossettoThis beautiful dirty rose shade is a perfect savior on the days I don’t want to use a red lipstick and the fact that its matte formula doesn’t dry at all makes it even better!

 Lip glosses are never among my first picks, but it seemed pretty absurd not to get at least one of the Essence liquid lipsticks. Since I tried the L’Oréal Infallible Mega Gloss and liked it, but not so much as to spend €10 on it, I went for the Essence liquid lipstick in shade make a statement 06 which is slightly thicker than L’Oréal’s. The picture above doesn’t do it justice, the packaging is a bit more violet, whereas the lipstick itself comes out somewhere between red and pink on my lips. A real bargain for € 2.79!

♦ And now to completely random items (and a completely broken summer promise)! I’ve seen bloggers raving about makeup sponges for months, so I decided to finally give in and try this squishy pink one. I bought it in Müller for € 2.49 and haven’t tried it yet, but I will keep you posted about how I like it! The second completely unplanned thing is the Balea roll-on lip oil that reminded me so much of roll-on lip glosses from my childhood I had to get one. It has a strong coconut scent which I’m not fond of, and it wears out pretty quickly.

On another note, today is World Dream Day! Its message is to be more aware of our dreams and help us as well as others to make them happen, because we all have the possibility to achieve our full potential and transform the world one dream at a time. Lots of love to you all!


Mint … is the new black!

7. 8. 2015




To be honest, my relationship with Essence nail polishes was really bad for a long time and it all started when I bought the first nail polish many, many, many years ago. Almost every new season I tried a few colors, but it always turned out to be a disaster – the polish chipped off almost immediately every time I applied it regardless of both base and top coat. However, I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the new gel edition and have a feeling they changed the formula quite a bit. Their color range is fantastic and it was difficult not to take the whole shelf home!

I chose two colors, a red on and this gorgeous minty shade play with my mint 40. I also opted for the gel top coat, just because I needed a new one and wanted to give this one a go. Two coats are obligatory with this one – I find such pastel nail polish very uneven when only one coat is applied, but two make it completely opaque. As for the longevity, this one is perfect for one day, but then starts to chip off on the edge. In that case I just add some more nail polish and prolong the nail polish for another day!

All in all, I’m pretty obsessed with this color and this may be my favorite nail shade of this summer. Have you noticed any difference in the formula of this nail polish edition or is it just me? :)


Essence LOVE & sound cuticle tattoos – Hot or Not?

12. 4. 2015



Temporary tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and I like it a lot! I especially love the golden tattoos that have been everywhere for the last year; I’m pessimistic, but still hope to find something in Slovene stores soon. So, yesterday I found the Essence cuticle tattoos in Ethno Girls Ahead (10) from their LOVE & sound collection and they are sooo cute! I immediately fell in love with ethno patterns, especially with small dots, a feather, an infinity symbol and an arrow  These are very small temporary tattoos that can be applied above your nail or any other part of the body. You simply choose the pattern, cut it out, remove the foil and press the tattoo on a clean and dry skin for 5 seconds. Then slowly remove the paper and it’s done, easy peasy!


I think it looks great, I would never want to have a permanent tattoo on such visible parts, so the temporary ones are a great idea if you go on a festival (Coachella-style!), for a night out or just for a coffee. And they will definitely look great in summer! However, I was deeply disappointed when I realised that the both tattoos were almost gone after only an hour. It seems like the glue is so ineffective that you have to apply the tattoo just before you go somewhere, otherwise you unintentionally remove it with clothes. I’ll try to apply it to some other parts and see how long lasting they will be there, maybe somewhere on the forearm or the shoulder. What do you think about temporary tattoos, hot or not? :)

Take care ♥



New in: Essence haul & swatches

22. 1. 2015




Me and my friend have been strolling around the city centre in the beginning of the week and “spontaneously” decided to take a look around the makeup section in Müller. What we didn’t expect is that Essence currently has huge sales on lots of products that will be discontinued soon. Imagine my surprise and childish enthusiasm when we saw that, haha :D You know, I just went for it, because all of these products cost only € 0,99 and I just didn’t feel the need to hold myself back, why would I! An opportunity like this doesn’t come around so often ;)


IMG_5507 2

Let’s start with my favorite, shall we? This is the Sun Club All-In One Bronzing Highlighter and, according to the packaging, it suits best to blondes with lighter skin. I’m a brunette and have a medium complexion, but would nevertheless say it suits mine fairly well! I decided to show you the two separate parts and the blend of all of them together, because, let’s be honest, you can use it as, please, stay with me: a bronzer or a highlighter or as a bronzing highlighter. I love this product, it is so flattering to the skin and creates a beautiful shimmery&summery effect. I bet I will be using it a lot!


IMG_5516 2

The next one belongs to the same category, it is the How to Make Your Face Wow make-up boxIt is basically a palette with a bronzer, a highlighter and two different blush shades. And, of course, a little mirror inside. The bronzer sun date is fairly light and somehow similar to the blended All In One Bronzing Higlighter, whereas the highlighter is much lighter. The two blushes are quite interesting, the first one is think pink and is definitely something I would never go for if I was buying a mono blush. Now that I have it, I’ll give it a try, but probably not before masquerades in February :D The second blush peach babe is much more pleasant in my opinion, a lovely peachy shade that I’ve been trying to get for quite some time! It creates a wonderful look if I add just a tiny bit on my cheeks, I love it! Except form think pink blush, this palette is much more shimmery, but also intense. A lovely combination!


I’ve only had one Essence mascara until now and I didn’t like it very much, I had a feeling that it didn’t dry on my lashes at all. However, I decided to give another mascara a go and chose The Lash Curler volume&curl mascara.

img_5560 3

I must admit, I’m quite impressed with this one. It obviously lenghtened my lashes, but it didn’t give them much volume. It’s not one the most longlasting mascara, but is nevertheless just fine if you need to apply some mascara very quickly.


I recently decided to start using more lipglosses as they are great by themselves or applied over a lipstick. I went for the XXXL Longlasting lipgloss in shade I love pink (4). Not much to say, a lovely pink shade with a pleasant texture and shiny finish.


I also got the Match 2 Cover! cream concealer in soft beige (20), very similar to the Catrice Camouflage cream, but still a bit more creamy. The pot contains two shades which are impressively similar to the foundation I use at the moment. A real catch, I say!


The next product is the Glam Style sparkling hair & body spray. I definitely don’t need that, but who doesn’t like a bit of a sparkle on her hair in summer or for any other special occasion! I find it really cute. Well, the glitter is pretty small and has a whole feast of shades, and it smells like cupcakes!! What’s not to love ;) Last but not least, I got the Studio Nails nail care pen with vitamin A&E, ginkgo extract, essential jojoba oil, avocado oil and almond oil. I have very dry and brittle nails and with one nourishing product more you just can’t go wrong.

That’s all from my part today, I’m glad I finally managed to get some of the Essence products on sales. And go to your nearest drugstore in Slovenia if you fancy some of these products, because I don’t know for how long they will be available! Everything in moderation, moderation in everything – I have to repeat this in my mind the next time I go shopping :D

Take care ♥



Collective Beauty Haul!

25. 10. 2014


Hi there! When life is tough or hectic, there is nothing better than a tiny bit of shopping, am I right, ladies? ;) That’s exactly what happened this week. I rarely go to a drugstore and buy crazy amounts of makeup at a time. On the contrary, I go to drugstores quite often, but since I don’t need any more makeup in reality, my goal is to buy only those products that I do need or find really interesting (and I cannot stop thinking about them!). Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often ;)


For the past few weeks I’ve been searching for a new foundation. My complexion is quite specific, so it is difficult for me to find the right one. I must say, I was really surprised when I tried out the Bourjois CC cream, the color is unbelievably similar! This one is in shade 33 and although the darker one seemed to match my skin better, I decided to buy a bit lighter one, since I won’t be exposed to much sun in the following months. I used it a couple of times so far, but I’m not sure whether it will completely substitute my current foundation. Next, I got a bit crazy at the Maybelline counter! The first one is the Colorama nail polish (652), a lovely green shade that will come in handy when I get tired of various red/violet/pink nails :D The second product is the Colorama lip gloss in a pink shade (289). I don’t know what happened to me in the last few weeks, I became beyond obsessed with lip glosses! 


As you can see, I  bought yet another one. It’s the Catrice lip smoother in shade 030 Cake Pop, both the name and the smell/taste are so yummy! And the color is amazing on the lips, a bit nude and baby pink. I also bought the essence lip liner in shade 06 satin mauve just for this two lip glosses’ sakes! It intensifies the color and prolongs the wear. Last but not least, I got the L’Oréal bronzer as a gift in Müller the other day and it has been my favorite bronzer ever since! It’s in shade 04 and contains very small glitter that is not visible after I apply it on my face. I do have to apply it in small quantities though, because it is the darkest shade and it can be a bit too much, a sort of a Halloween look if I’m not careful enough :D


I did enjoy doing this type of post again and I will try to make some more in the future :) Have you tried any of these products before? Because I am really interested in what other girls think about this Bourjois CC cream … I think I will really like it :) Have a lovely weekend ♥



Essence effect nails ‒ velours powder

31. 3. 2014

Živjo! :) Danes sem se počutila zelo ustvarjalno, zato sem v roke vzela Essence Nail art rdeč puder za nohte. Kupila sem ga februarja in dvakrat že uporabila. Moram priznati, da je postopek precej tečen, na koncu pa imamo celotno delovno površino prekrito s pudrom. Zagotovo obstaja lažji način, zame je ta edini, ki vseeno ne zapraši cele sobe :)

Hi! :) I was feeling very crafty today, so I decided to create with the Essence Nail art red velvet powder for nails. I’ve bought it in February and used it twice since then. I have to admit that the whole process is quite complicated and the whole working surface is covered with powder at the end. I’m sure there is an easier way, this one is the only one that doesn’t cover the whole room with powder :)


Najprej sem vse nohte namazala z Essence podlakom. Nato sem vse nohte prekrila s temno rdečim Essie lakom za nohte (shearling darling). Levi prstanec sem izpustila, ker je najbolje, da so vsi ostali nohti suhi ali pa niso namazani, da se puder ne prijema na druge nohte (razen če puder nanašamo na vse nohte). Ko so bili nohti popolnoma suhi, sem na prstanec nanesla dve debeli plasti lahka za nohte.

Puder je v posodici, ki ima na vrhu pokrovček z luknjicami. Žal puder ne pada ven, tako kot bi moral, zato sem pokrovček odstranila in puder s pinceto preložila na papir. Nato sem neposušen noht povaljala v pudru.

First, I applied the Essence base coat on all nails. Then I used a dark red Essie nail polish (shearing darling). I left out my left ring finger ‒ it’s easier to apply the powder when all the other nails are dry (unless you want to apply the powder on all of your nails). When the nails were dry, I generously applied two thick coats of the nail polish.

The powder is stored in a container and covered with a lid with holes. Unfortunately, the powder doesn’t fall out as it should, so I took off the lid and moved the powder on the paper. Then I rolled the undried nail in the powder. 

pic 1


Puder po nekaj urah malo spremeni strukturo in potemni. Drugače je manikura zanimiva, z veseljem bi jo imela večkrat in na vseh nohtih. Žal vzame preveč časa, vendar sem mi zdi, da je tudi na samo enem nohtu popolnoma prikupna. :)

The powder changes its structure and darkens after a few hours. The manicure is otherwise very interesting and I would love to have it more often and on all of my nails. Unfortunately, the preparation takes too long, but i think it’s nevertheless adorable on only one nail. :)




Prijeten začetek tedna želim!
I wish you a lovely start of the week!