Mint … is the new black!

7. 8. 2015




To be honest, my relationship with Essence nail polishes was really bad for a long time and it all started when I bought the first nail polish many, many, many years ago. Almost every new season I tried a few colors, but it always turned out to be a disaster – the polish chipped off almost immediately every time I applied it regardless of both base and top coat. However, I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the new gel edition and have a feeling they changed the formula quite a bit. Their color range is fantastic and it was difficult not to take the whole shelf home!

I chose two colors, a red on and this gorgeous minty shade play with my mint 40. I also opted for the gel top coat, just because I needed a new one and wanted to give this one a go. Two coats are obligatory with this one – I find such pastel nail polish very uneven when only one coat is applied, but two make it completely opaque. As for the longevity, this one is perfect for one day, but then starts to chip off on the edge. In that case I just add some more nail polish and prolong the nail polish for another day!

All in all, I’m pretty obsessed with this color and this may be my favorite nail shade of this summer. Have you noticed any difference in the formula of this nail polish edition or is it just me? :)

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