Spring and Flora Siberica have arrived!

3. 4. 2019

Spring has finally arrived and brought Flora Siberica, a wonderful new line by Natura Siberica. It’s inspired by nature and pleasant blends of Siberian herbs, which nicely encapsulate the philosophy of the brand. This line in particular is special in its own way because every product is made with a specific herb at its core for the best care possible. I received three products a few months ago, i.e. with Arcitc Raspberry, Altai Sea-Buckthorn and Siberian Rowan, but there are several more items to choose from. The entire line has a gorgeous, slightly retro packaging, and there is a considerable amount of product inside, which is just amazing.

Natura Siberica has amazing shower gels and Arctic Raspberry Gel is no exception. It has a lovely natural scent of raspberry that evolves even more in the shower. The skin doesn’t feel dry after use and the scent goes away pretty quickly. I have to point out that the gel foams only slightly, which I like because this means there aren’t that many foaming agents, but a friend of mine told me that this bothers her. And this nicely sums up my belief that we have different wishes and preferences, but also that the products I like might not suit you! :)

My FAVORITE product in this line is the Siberian Rowan Body Scrub with Siberian Pine extract. The sugar scrub effectively removes all the dry skin we’re always trying to get rid of. And scrubbing harder really boosts the skin (that becomes slightly red), which is something I look for with the bikinis on my mind! However, I was shocked by its red color that isn’t an obvious choice :) You get a huge amount of this amazing product and I’ll definitely buy it again.

And the third place goes to the Altai Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Body Lotion, which has a very light texture. Vitamins C, B and antioxidants are supposed to nourish the skin and make it softer. The scent is much sweeter compared to the other two and reminds me of an instant drink Cedevita. It’s pleasant to use and absorbs into the skin quickly, but the scent goes away pretty quick as well.

The Flora Siberica line has two other shower gels available, i.e. with Altai Mint and Kuril Tea. But it would be even more exciting to try the Siberian Cedar Luxurious Night Body Butter, I can scent it thorough its name! By all means, this is a lovely line that tries to bring us closer to the nature with carefully selected scents. Lepa z naravo, thank you for sharing your new Flora Siberica with me!

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