Venturing into high-end natural skincare

img_6496img_6455img_6440To me, Annemarie Börlind has always been a synonym for high quality cosmetics. I can still remember my mom having one of their face creams in my childhood and I was sure this brand is intended for grown-up women who have everything figured out. Funnily enough, I’ve been an adult for quite some time now but only managed to get my hands on two products from the Annemarie Börlind Combination Skin line this August. In recent year I’ve become much more aware about what type of products I use, particularly when it comes to skincare. For this reason I went for the Cleansing Gel and Light Day Essence as these are the products I use twice a day and really want them to do my skin good on the long term.

I can say without hesitation that these two items are the best skincare purchases I made so far. Their Cleansing Gel is a very gentle yet one of the most effective cleansing products in my skincare stash. It removes all impurities so nicely and leaves a gentle feeling without drying the skin out. I also used it on my summer holidays as a makeup remover and you wouldn’t believe how effectively it removed my waterproof mascara and foundation, even better than my micellar waters! I would never expect such a gentle product to be so effective, especially considering it is based on natural products, such as witch hazel and chamomile. There is no foaming involved, you just apply the gel on a damp face and rinse it off. And it has a divine fresh, natural scent, can I get a fragrance version, please?!

And don’t get me wrong, the Light Day Essence is not behind! This fluid really surprised me as it comes in a creamy form, not something I’m used with fluids. Nevertheless, the skin absorbs it quickly and it doesn’t leave any greasy residue, which makes it perfect as a makeup base. Some of its ingredients are sea algae extract, green tea and vitamin E as well as jojoba oil, all of which moisturize and protect the skin. I only need a small amount for my whole face and can already see both products will go a long way.

Although these products are on the pricier side, I do think they are worth the money as they give a completely different, more natural feeling on the skin. All in all, an amazing purchase and I will definitely check out other products from their Combination Skin line!

The Body Shop Haul No. 2

As promised, let’s got through the second part of my The Body Shop Haul. I told you I went cray cray, but no one will convince me that I purchased useless stuff as I’ve used them tons already since I bought them. The perfume and lip balms were also on sale, I must have been lucky in Belgium!

The first product I actually treated myself with the first day I got there is the White Musk Libertine eau de parfum. I instantly fell in love with its musky notes combined with Turkish delight and whipped cream. In addition, I think this is the only eau de parfum from this brand and I’m glad I got it. However, I think they changed the packaging which is so sad because I love this pretty pink ombré bottle!

As I love The Body Shop Lip Balms, I actually got quite a few of them for myself and as gifts for my friends and family as well. I especially like the ones with coconut and shea butter, beside being so creamy and moisturizing, they have a very nice scent.

Finally, I decided to give two skincare products a go, I chose the Skin Clearing Clay Mask and the Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator. I already like them a lot so I’m planning to do more thorough posts about them in the following weeks!


My current skincare routine

Zdaj je že marec, snega že dva tedna ni, jaz pa z zamudo pišem o trenutni negi obraza ‒ brez skrbi, še vedno je enaka ;)

It’s march already, the snow has been gone for two weeks, and I’m writing about my current skincare routine ‒ no worries, it’s still the same ;)


Jeseni me je fant presenetil s štirimi L’Occitane izdelki, in sicer fluidom za obraz, masko, tonikom za matiranje in čistilno peno iz kolekcije Angelika ‒ le kako je vedel, kaj imam rada? :D  

Maska ‒ uporabljam jo dvakrat na teden, v kožo se zelo hitro vpije in jo dobro navlaži.        Tonik ‒ običajno ga uporabljam po odstranjevanju ličil s čistilnim mlekom in po uporabi maske.                                                                                                                          Fluid  ‒ priznati moram, da fluid res odlično opravi svojo nalogo. Kožo osveži, obenem pa ne pušča mastnega sloja, zato je odličen za uporabo pred nanosom podlage.         

In autumn, my boyfriend surprised me with four products of the L’Occitane’s Angelica collection, namely the fluid, mask, mattifying toner and foaming cleanser ‒ how on earth did he know what I like? :D                                                                                                      

 Mask ‒ I use it twice per week, the skin absorbs it quickly and it’s really refreshing.            Toner  I usually use it after removing my makeup with a cleansing milk.                            Fluid ‒ I have to admit that the fluid really does its job. It freshens the skin, does not leave a greasy layer on and is thus perfect for use before applying your foundation. 


Naslednje tri izdelke uporabljam enkrat do dvakrat na teden.

Piling za obraz  piling St. Ives sem lansko leto kupila v Londonu, zdaj se sprašujem, zakaj nisem vzela še enega!! Piling je sicer kar grob, zato ni primeren za zelo občutljivo kožo. Jaz takih problemov nimam, kožo odlično očisti in jo pripravi na nadaljnjo nego.  Piling za ustnice  ‒ pozimi je koža suha, ustnice pa niso nobena izjema in v mrzlih mesecih prav tako potrebujejo nego. Sivkin piling sem naredila sama, recept je na voljo tukaj :)                                                                                                                             Krema za obraz ‒ Yves Rocher vlažilno kremo s kamilico se lahko uporablja tako podnevi kot zvečer. Krema je malenkost mastna, zato je ne priporočam za uporabo neposredno pred nanosom podlage. Nanesem jo takrat, ko čez dan ne uporabljam makeupa.

I use the next three products once or twice per week.                                                  

  Face scrub  I bought the St. Ives scrub in London last year and I’m asking myself why I hadn’t bought another one! The scrub is quite rough and thus not suitable for a sensitive skin. I don’t have those problems, it cleanses the skin wonderfully and prepares it for the next stages of care.                                                                                                                     Lip scrub ‒ the skin gets very dry in winter and our lips are no exception, so it’s recommended to take care of them in colder months too. I made the lavender lip scrub myself, the recipe is available here :)                                                                               Face cream ‒ The Yves Rocher moisturising face cream can be used both by day and night. It’s a little bit greasy and I don’t recommend it before applying a foundation. I usually apply it when I don’t wear any makeup.


Bliža se pomlad, zato bom nego kože počasi malo spremenila in prilagodila toplejšim mesecem :) Papa!

Spring is close, so I’ll have to change my skincare routine a little bit and adapt it for warmer months :) Buh bye!

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