Lookfantastic Beauty Box – August 2018

August was over almost two weeks ago, but I still have to show you what was inside the Lookfantastic Beauty Box of the month. The whole theme was about regaining confidence in our beauty regime and be our best selves! There are many skincare brands that I haven’t heard of before and it’s so nice to explore and test some products that would otherwise never find their way to my skincare routine. I managed to test some of them and already have a basic idea about what I like, so let’s dive in!

My first favorite item is a full-sized Mio Boob Tube, what a name! This is basically a neck and bust cream rich in Coenzyme Q10 with a very captivating scent – this is why I always look forward to using it in the morning or evening! It sinks into the skin quickly, but I’ll have to use it for a longer period of time to see whether it has any effect. For now I really like it. Next is a gel-like toner Hydraphel Skin Supplement for dry skin by Erno Laszlo that comes in a cute square box. It’s supposed to retain moisture, eliminate dullness and help with tissue repair, but I haven’t noticed anything in particular. I apply it with my hands just like I would any other gel formula before the rest of my skincare routine. It feels very hydrating and is alcohol-free, but it does contain fragrance, which can be irritating for some people.

This beauty box once again contained a face cleanser, i.e. the Pure Skin Face Wash by Balance Me. This one is thought to cleanse the skin without stripping moisture and refresh the skin with Grapefruit, Frankincense and Roman Chamomile oils. I haven’t tried it yet because I have so many cleansers to go through before I open a new one! Another item I was looking forward to but disappointed me a bit is the Molton Brown Bath and Shower Gel that came in different scents. I received Gingerlily, which doesn’t have any special scent to it. Very basic, so I’ll keep it and take on a vacation or give it to a friend.

Then there are two makeup products, finally! The best of the two is without a doubt the Mini Brow Build mascara in shade Indian Chocolate by Blink Brow Bar. This shade is very dark, so I feel for all the blondes who received it! Nevertheless, the color suits me to a T and it’s so easy to create thicker and fuller brows. But I have to be careful and not work with too much product on the mascara otherwise it gets extremely messy very quickly. Last but not least, we received an INC.redible Blazin Over Lipgloss by Nails INC., once again in different shades. A typical lip gloss, nothing special here – I received a pink one and my sister a brown/nude shade, but we swapped them because we thought that the brown shade would be more suitable for my skin tone. Well, I was wrong and it makes me look so sick … and the lip gloss just slides around and builds up on the inner side of the lips. A very disappointing product that I really don’t need in my life. Well, I’ll help find it a new owner, I hope some of my friends will be willing to give it a go! :)

All in all, this Lookfantastic Beauty Box had some really amazing products that I already love, but also some items that will only take up my space. A spoiler alert: the September Beauty Box is much more interesting, so I’ll try to test as many of them as I can and write a review soon. Until then, have a nice Sunday and a wonderful week!

Najnežnejša kakavova nega z Dr. Organic

img_2782img_2794img_2798img_2807img_2868img_2828Tokratna objava je namenjena vsem ljubiteljicam in ljubiteljem kakava! Čeprav me običajno izdelki s čokolado s premočnim in precej umetnim vonjem kar odbijajo, je najnovejša linija Dr. Organic Cocoa Butter nekaj povsem drugega. Prijeten vonj hranljivega organskega kakava in kremasta struktura sta ustvarila najnežnejše izdelke za nego telesa, kar sem jih kdaj preskusila. Omogočajo pa pravo razvajanje za telo in duha, zlasti pri tistih z izrazito suho kožo. V Tuševih drogerijah lahko izbirate med kar nekaj izdelki za telo in obraz in prepričana sem, da lahko vsaka najde nekaj zase. Kot boste videle, večino izdelkov opisujem s samimi pozitivnimi pridevniki, ker pri izdelkih za telo enostavno ne vidim niti ene slabe lastnosti!


Na svetu ne boste našle nežnejšega in bolj kremastega pilinga za telo, kot je Body Scrub. Najraje ga uporabim na suhi koži, da se vse prijetne sestavine vpijejo v kožo, ki tako med celotnim tuširanjem ostane popolnoma mehka. Nato ga nežno sperem in uporabim še gel za tuširanje Body Wash, ki je prav tako izjemno nežen do kože in se ne peni, kar pomeni, da ne vsebuje škodljivih sulfatov. Po tuširanju je koža bolj mehka v primerjavi z drugimi izdelki, občutek pa je še boljši po nanosu naslednjih dveh!


Čeprav imam rada masla znamke The Body Shop, se po mojem mnenju težko primerjajo z maslom Body Butter. Resnično prijetna krema, ki se presenetljivo hitro vpije v kožo in še nekaj ur pusti prijeten, nežen vonj po kakavu. Olje Wonder Oil pa je še bolj bogato, saj vsebuje še šipkovo, mandljevo in kokosovo olje. Tako je primerno tudi za nego las, lahko ga nanesete na konice ali pa uporabite kot 30-minutno masko pred umivanjem las. Naj vas večja vsebnost olj ne zavede, prav tako se hitro vpije v kožo, vendar zahteva malo več previdnosti kot maslo :)


To pa sta izdelka, ki moji koži žal nista pisana na kožo. Celotna linija je namenjena zelo suhi kožo in čeprav imamo zaradi nje verjetno vse težave po rokah, nogah in ostalih predelih, je koža na obrazu nekaj povsem drugega. Obe kremi sta zelo hranljivi, zagotavljali pa naj bi tudi vlaženje. Priporočam, da najprej nanesete tudi kakšen serum s hialuronsko kislino, tako da najprej zagotovite nekaj vlage, ki bo tako v koži ostala dlje časa. Se hitro vpijeta, vendar moja koža žal zelo hitro postane mastna. Tega pa si ne želim ne ponoči, kaj šele čez dan, ko imam na obrazu kar nekaj ličil. Monika s Sugarloveblog ju zelo rada uporablja, tako da jo toplo priporočam vsem, ki imate suho kožo in vam naravne kreme za obraz ustrezajo.

Upam, da sem dovolj podrobno opisala svojo izkušnjo s kakavovo linijo. Res ni nobene podobne znamke, ki bi ponujala celotno linijo tako zanimivih izdelkov z enakim čudovitim vonjem. Iskrena hvala, Dr. Organic, da ste mi omogočili vpogled v skoraj celotno linijo, ki je res nekaj posebnega! Če pa že imate kakšne izkušnje, pa jih seveda delite v komentarjih :)


If you’re cacao lover but hate artificial chocolate scents in body products, the Dr. Organic Cocoa Butter will be perfect for you! Because of its gentle cacao scent and nourishing textures, the Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Butter and Wonder Oil will not leave you disappointed. They leave an incredible feeling on the skin and oh my, the scent is to die for! However, I’m not particularly keen on using the Day and Night Creams on my face. I have combination skin on my face and although I tried the two on many occasions, they just aren’t suitable for me. Nonetheless, I would advise them to all who struggle with very dry skin and enjoy using natural, organic face creams on a regular basis. I would just recommend using a serum with hyaluronic acid beforehand, so that you really keep your skin moisturized day and night. An incredible range that definitely deserves more attention!


img_1469img_1471img_1481img_1495img_1519img_1508I finally found some time to go through the Lookfantastic Beauty Box I received in June! This one was the second special edition of the year that consisted of 7 products instead of 6. Most importantly, it was aimed at providing hydration and luminosity – all we need in these summer eves, am I right? ;)

I was really intrigued by the Elemis Superfood Cleansing Wash. The February box included their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and I love it so much that I was really eager to try the wash as well. Needless to say, I love using it and I look forward to taking it with me on summer vacation! There’s nothing better in the morning than a freshly washed face, if you ask me :) The second product is the Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts, such an interesting and effective item! It comes in form of a paste and although it seems strange to massage a scrub-like texture onto the scalp, the result is nothing but incredible. It completely dissolves when applied and it seems to foam a lot under your fingertips. First of all, it really does create a lot of volume after drying, I was amazed to have even more voluminous hair than usual! And second of all, it leaves the hair with a nice, subtle rose scent that lingers around throughout the second day as well. I also like the The Ritual of Dao Body Cream by Rituals that has a very light and neutral scent. It does absorb into the skin very quickly, but I haven’t used it much because I have a bunch of other body creams to go through. Another body product is the Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion, something all of us need to get some color without exposing ourselves to the sun too much! I used it a couple of times in the morning and applied it really carefully over my legs. However, I haven’t noticed any significant difference – but it’s also true I haven’t paid any attention to that either. I can say that if there was any tan, it was very even and neutral, because I would notice any spots if that wasn’t the case. There were also no marks on my clothes and I will surely use it again.

This box also came with the MÁDARA SOS Hydra Moisture+Radiance Mask, such a cute-looking mask/leave-in treatment! I really liked how it performed on my skin, but it does contain alcohol so it may be drying if you have sensitive skin. This leaves us with two products that I haven’t tried at all. I haven’t opened the Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream yet, but it comes in such an interesting packaging! It’s supposed to provide hydration for whole 12 hours and I’m slightly skeptical about this statement. But it does contain some antioxidants, so it’ll be nice to try in that respect. Last but not least, the only makeup item was the Studio 10 Liquid Foil i-Radiance Metallic Shadow. It looks like a lip gloss with a doe foot applicator, but it’s actually a very fast drying liquid eye shadow with beautiful copper glitter. It’s very transparent and doesn’t look like a foil, but I believe it can be buildable. It would also be interesting to try it as a base and then apply loose glitter or pigments on top! And then a few sprays of a setting spray and you’re good to go!

Anyway, I really enjoyed testing this Lookfantastic Beauty Box and I decided to go for a 12-month subscription this time. Then I’ll surely have enough skincare items and makeup for years! :)

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