Le Petit Olivier Green Clay ready-to-use paste

2. 3. 2015


Hi, lovelies! As promised in my latest New in post, here are my thoughts about the Le Petit Olivier Green Clay ready-to-use paste. I’ve come across Le Petit Olivier in September last year and I was surprised about how lovely all of their products look like. Well, this French brand is producing organic cosmetics while respecting animals and the environment. I bought their green clay mask in the beginning of February and have been testing it ever since, I am absolutely fascinated by it! I’ve been using clay masks before, but none of them has ever cleansed my skin as thoroughly as this one. And I’m not just saying that, my skin had some serious breakouts recently, but calmed down completely after a few uses.




The tube contains 300 g of the products which will last forever, especially because a little goes a long way. Green clay is insanely beneficial, so it isn’t surprising that it has been used since ancient times. It is rich in minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc., and is known for its purifying, absorbing  soothing, re-mineralizing and antibacterial properties. Another characteristic is that it removes excess sebum, which is generally great. Just bear in mind that the skin produces less sebum in winter, so you should apply it on T-zone only or it will dry your skin on those parts that do need some natural oils. You can start using it normally in warmer months. In addition, the Le Petit Olivier products don’t have any parabens, added colourings or scents, which is great. But you won’t believe me, this mask smells like amaretto! 

The use is the same as with any other face mask: make sure that your face is dry and clean, then apply a thick coat of the mask on your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water. The mask dries in a matter of minutes, but the feeling on the skin is completely different from other clay masks, it is incredibly compact and doesn’t crumble at all. However, the skin can feel a bit dry, so I usually apply a moisturizing serum afterwards.

There are five different versions of green clay masks available on the Le Petit Olivier website: the basic green clay face mask and green clay with tea tree essential oil, rose clay and macadamia oil, white clay and mint essential oil, and yellow clay and grapefruit essential oil face masks. I must say, I want to try them all so badly! I bought this one in Müller for around 12 EUR, they also sell the green clay and tea tree essential oil face mask along with some other skin care products.

To sum it up, the Le Petit Olivier green clay mask is a wonderful product, it doesn’t make my skin only soft and clean, but also provides some very important nutrients. I like this brand so much that I will probably try their Ultra moisturising day cream with olive oil, aloe vera and vitamin E very soon! :)

 I hope you’re having a wonderful week! Take care 

(ps: the dress is black and blue!) ;) 


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