Essence LOVE & sound cuticle tattoos – Hot or Not?

12. 4. 2015



Temporary tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and I like it a lot! I especially love the golden tattoos that have been everywhere for the last year; I’m pessimistic, but still hope to find something in Slovene stores soon. So, yesterday I found the Essence cuticle tattoos in Ethno Girls Ahead (10) from their LOVE & sound collection and they are sooo cute! I immediately fell in love with ethno patterns, especially with small dots, a feather, an infinity symbol and an arrow  These are very small temporary tattoos that can be applied above your nail or any other part of the body. You simply choose the pattern, cut it out, remove the foil and press the tattoo on a clean and dry skin for 5 seconds. Then slowly remove the paper and it’s done, easy peasy!


I think it looks great, I would never want to have a permanent tattoo on such visible parts, so the temporary ones are a great idea if you go on a festival (Coachella-style!), for a night out or just for a coffee. And they will definitely look great in summer! However, I was deeply disappointed when I realised that the both tattoos were almost gone after only an hour. It seems like the glue is so ineffective that you have to apply the tattoo just before you go somewhere, otherwise you unintentionally remove it with clothes. I’ll try to apply it to some other parts and see how long lasting they will be there, maybe somewhere on the forearm or the shoulder. What do you think about temporary tattoos, hot or not? :)

Take care ♥


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  • Reply Anita 13. 4. 2015 at 19:07

    They look sooo good! I’m definitely buying them! :)

    • Reply Vesna 14. 4. 2015 at 8:01

      *Yaay* :D

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