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22. 1. 2015




Me and my friend have been strolling around the city centre in the beginning of the week and “spontaneously” decided to take a look around the makeup section in Müller. What we didn’t expect is that Essence currently has huge sales on lots of products that will be discontinued soon. Imagine my surprise and childish enthusiasm when we saw that, haha :D You know, I just went for it, because all of these products cost only € 0,99 and I just didn’t feel the need to hold myself back, why would I! An opportunity like this doesn’t come around so often ;)


IMG_5507 2

Let’s start with my favorite, shall we? This is the Sun Club All-In One Bronzing Highlighter and, according to the packaging, it suits best to blondes with lighter skin. I’m a brunette and have a medium complexion, but would nevertheless say it suits mine fairly well! I decided to show you the two separate parts and the blend of all of them together, because, let’s be honest, you can use it as, please, stay with me: a bronzer or a highlighter or as a bronzing highlighter. I love this product, it is so flattering to the skin and creates a beautiful shimmery&summery effect. I bet I will be using it a lot!


IMG_5516 2

The next one belongs to the same category, it is the How to Make Your Face Wow make-up boxIt is basically a palette with a bronzer, a highlighter and two different blush shades. And, of course, a little mirror inside. The bronzer sun date is fairly light and somehow similar to the blended All In One Bronzing Higlighter, whereas the highlighter is much lighter. The two blushes are quite interesting, the first one is think pink and is definitely something I would never go for if I was buying a mono blush. Now that I have it, I’ll give it a try, but probably not before masquerades in February :D The second blush peach babe is much more pleasant in my opinion, a lovely peachy shade that I’ve been trying to get for quite some time! It creates a wonderful look if I add just a tiny bit on my cheeks, I love it! Except form think pink blush, this palette is much more shimmery, but also intense. A lovely combination!


I’ve only had one Essence mascara until now and I didn’t like it very much, I had a feeling that it didn’t dry on my lashes at all. However, I decided to give another mascara a go and chose The Lash Curler volume&curl mascara.

img_5560 3

I must admit, I’m quite impressed with this one. It obviously lenghtened my lashes, but it didn’t give them much volume. It’s not one the most longlasting mascara, but is nevertheless just fine if you need to apply some mascara very quickly.


I recently decided to start using more lipglosses as they are great by themselves or applied over a lipstick. I went for the XXXL Longlasting lipgloss in shade I love pink (4). Not much to say, a lovely pink shade with a pleasant texture and shiny finish.


I also got the Match 2 Cover! cream concealer in soft beige (20), very similar to the Catrice Camouflage cream, but still a bit more creamy. The pot contains two shades which are impressively similar to the foundation I use at the moment. A real catch, I say!


The next product is the Glam Style sparkling hair & body spray. I definitely don’t need that, but who doesn’t like a bit of a sparkle on her hair in summer or for any other special occasion! I find it really cute. Well, the glitter is pretty small and has a whole feast of shades, and it smells like cupcakes!! What’s not to love ;) Last but not least, I got the Studio Nails nail care pen with vitamin A&E, ginkgo extract, essential jojoba oil, avocado oil and almond oil. I have very dry and brittle nails and with one nourishing product more you just can’t go wrong.

That’s all from my part today, I’m glad I finally managed to get some of the Essence products on sales. And go to your nearest drugstore in Slovenia if you fancy some of these products, because I don’t know for how long they will be available! Everything in moderation, moderation in everything – I have to repeat this in my mind the next time I go shopping :D

Take care ♥


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  • Reply danielle 26. 1. 2015 at 18:39

    i’ve never tried anything by them but the palette looks nice!

    • Reply Vesna 26. 1. 2015 at 18:49

      These blushes are surprisingly pigmented and long lasting, you should definitely try them some time! :)

  • Reply Vanessa 27. 1. 2015 at 1:47

    Stunning colors, wonderful post.^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

    • Reply Vesna 27. 1. 2015 at 5:44

      Thank you! :)

  • Reply Ellie 30. 1. 2015 at 15:45

    Hiya Vesna! I love your blog and think you deserve to be nominated for the Leibster Award! It helps blogs with less followers get noticed! To understand more about the award follow this link to my profile to find out how you can get involved and get your blog more popular! x

    • Reply Vesna 30. 1. 2015 at 19:52

      Thank you for the nomination, I will definitely answer to your questions very soon! :)

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