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25. 9. 2015


During the summer, I decided not to buy every single makeup item, but rather only those I really need (I’ve grown so much in the past few months!). Plus, I had so many barely used beauty products in my drawers that I had to use that up first. Well, autumn is here so let’s go through my latest buys!

The product I am the most thrilled about is the Inell Eau Micellaire for dry and sensitive skin. This is actually by E.Leclerc’s own brand called Marque Repère. I was eager to try this one out because it was on sale and cost only around € 1.80! My first impression is great, this micellar water can be easily compared with the Garnier’s one, it cleanses all makeup and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin whatsoever. The only thing that bothered me so far is the fact that mascara is not removed completely, I always have to work a bit more on that part. To sum it up, a great product for a very low price.

As for the hair, I got the Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo with such an incredible honey scent! But it’s nothing special, just a regular shampoo that cleanses my hair nicely. The product I’m more interested in is the Xpel Marketing’s Biotin & Collagen thickening hair oil I purchased in Müller for around € 3.5. Xpel Marketing is actually a Liverpool-based company that I’ve never heard before, but has a number of beauty ranges – and just now I realised that I already have a mask from their Argan Oil range (available in Tuš drugstores and sometimes in E.Leclerc). So, this thickening silicone hair oil contains Vitamin B7 and Collagen for stronger, healthier and fuller hair. As far as I’ve noticed it makes my hair much softer, but doesn’t provide the fullness it is promising – which is totally fine with me as my hair is thick enough just by itself. Again, a nice product for a very low price.

I think I’ve found a perfect shower gel for autumn – the scent of Afrodita’s Mystic Argan oil shower gel is so calming and somehow mysterious, this is everything I need during my morning “aromatherapy” shower session. A big like!

Next is the Balea Frisch in den Tag fluid with vitamin E and Provitamin B5. It bothers me a bit that it smells like raspberries since I’m not that into fruity scents in creams. The packaging is nevertheless gigantic. you get 50 ml for under € 4, if I’m not mistaken, and it may still be on sale in Slovene Drogerie Markt drugstores.


 I finally got my hands on Essie’s Fiji!!!! I always compliment everyone who’s wearing and it was time to get my own. And I must add, I love Drogerie Markt’s 1+1 Essie deal ♥

 A complete lipstick junkie as I am, you could imagine my reaction when my best friend got me a Rimmel London lipstick from her vacation!! She chose the Lasting Finish by Kate in shade RossettoThis beautiful dirty rose shade is a perfect savior on the days I don’t want to use a red lipstick and the fact that its matte formula doesn’t dry at all makes it even better!

 Lip glosses are never among my first picks, but it seemed pretty absurd not to get at least one of the Essence liquid lipsticks. Since I tried the L’Oréal Infallible Mega Gloss and liked it, but not so much as to spend €10 on it, I went for the Essence liquid lipstick in shade make a statement 06 which is slightly thicker than L’Oréal’s. The picture above doesn’t do it justice, the packaging is a bit more violet, whereas the lipstick itself comes out somewhere between red and pink on my lips. A real bargain for € 2.79!

♦ And now to completely random items (and a completely broken summer promise)! I’ve seen bloggers raving about makeup sponges for months, so I decided to finally give in and try this squishy pink one. I bought it in Müller for € 2.49 and haven’t tried it yet, but I will keep you posted about how I like it! The second completely unplanned thing is the Balea roll-on lip oil that reminded me so much of roll-on lip glosses from my childhood I had to get one. It has a strong coconut scent which I’m not fond of, and it wears out pretty quickly.

On another note, today is World Dream Day! Its message is to be more aware of our dreams and help us as well as others to make them happen, because we all have the possibility to achieve our full potential and transform the world one dream at a time. Lots of love to you all!

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  • Reply Monika-Sugarlove blog 26. 9. 2015 at 9:22

    iii super, da si si vzela pinki gobico, jst sem v primerjavi z Catricevo toliko bolj zadovoljna, za to ceno je čisto ok. Čeprav tudi jaz prisegam na RT čopiče že kar nekaj časa, po gobico posežem zadnje čase precej pogosto. Drgače pa sami fejst fajn nakupi:) sploh Afroditin Argan:):) javi kako ti bo gobica.

    • Reply Vesna 26. 9. 2015 at 10:54

      Jaz sem pred leti uporabljala navadne trikotne gobice, zdaj pa že nekaj let čopiče, ker se mi zdi z gobico preveč dela + veliko podlage porabi. Po vsem tem času me pa spet zanima, kako se nove gobice obnesejo! Vsekakor bom poročala :)

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