February favorites ◊ 2016

29. 2. 2016

Today is the last day of February and it feels strange that there won’t be another post on the 29th of February for another four years! I’ve got a variety of products to go through this time, let’s go!

I’ve started stepping out of my comfort zone – usually red lips and earthy eye shadow tones – with a bright orange Topshop lipstick in shade Hedonist. This color is not my usual pick, it was at the bottom of my makeup drawer and I haven’t touched it for ages. I think this is one of the most opaque orange lippies I’ve seen so far, but I have to use a lip scrub the night before because it dries my lips quite a lot. Secondly, it always seems like I start incorporating trends into my makeup routine when they’re all last season. Marsala eyes have only just reached me and I’ve been loving it! As a base, I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo (Pomegranate) and I top if off with a metallic purple shade Icon from the MUA’s Smokin Palette (the bottom left shade, more here) and pair it with a very luxurious and moisturizing Roses et Reines pink lip balm by L’Occitane.

One of the perks of February is the fact that spring is almost here! It’s such a pleasure to watch snowdrops and primroses that already started blooming in the gardens and along the roads ♥ All of this means that it will be easier to take care of our hands and hair, the two critical parts of the past season. I’ve been saving my hands with the Essence Smile, you are pretty! handcreme, which smells amazing!! And it really protects my skin that needs constant care. I also couldn’t go on without mentioning the Omnia Botanica argan oil that I’ve been using on my hair throughout the whole winter. It does wonders to my hair and makes them incredibly soft, I’ll have to get myself a new bottle soon!  I’ve instagrammed the Born to Bio Vanilla Flower deodorant a few months back and I love to use it when I’m home or don’t have any special plans for the day. Its gorgeous vanilla scent is to die for, not too powerful, but still strong enough that I can feel it for a few minutes. Not to mention it is paraben- and aluminium salts-free, the most important part if you ask me.

There’s also a chocolate update for you! I don’t really like milk chocolates or chocolates with a low quantity of cocoa just because they’re packed with sugar without a good reason. The Gorenjka and Choceur chocolates are my current favorites, I used the same 75% Gorenjka chocolate for the Valentine’s day dessert and it worked out great. There’s no doubt these will become my go-to baking chocolates!

The last thing to mention are the SEVA incense sticks. I’m not an incense stick expert, but I do know that good incense sticks are really hard to find. I’ve tried lots and lots of different sticks that just didn’t do the job for me, the scent after you burn them is almost never the same compared to what you smelled at the shop. My ambition to find another good brand after the L’Occitane’s incense sticks were discontinued finally ended up with a good find! I got these incense sticks from Om Šiva Ezoterika, a bookshop in Ljubljana (BTC, link here), and each type is specifically designated for one of the chakras. I use them at my every yoga practice and they make the whole workout experience even more enjoyable!

Take care,
Vesna ♥

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  • Reply Monika 7. 3. 2016 at 21:20

    Super izdelki, Mua že dolgo nisem kj dala nase, pa imam paletke, osvetljevalec. Moram malo pobrskat za njimi. Sva pa imeli čisto druge favorite na blogu:)

    • Reply Vesna 9. 3. 2016 at 5:51

      Meni je MUA presenetljivo veliko bolj všeč kot npr. Sleek. Vsakič znova sem presenečena, kako se lepo nosijo :) Moram pregledat še tvoje!

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