The Body Shop Haul No. 1

1. 8. 2016

I couldn’t be more glad with the fact that I visited Belgium during sales! I wasn’t so much into clothes as I already bought some new pieces before I left. On the other hand, I went completely crazy as far as body care is concerned! The Body Shop had incredible discounts and since I wanted to buy a few things either way, why not buy so much more if I have the opportunity to do that?! Ha ha, first world problems, I know. I decided to divide this haul into two parts and this time I will show you the body care-related products. Oh and let me just mention that I got all of these products 50 %-off!

I am also among those girls who love The Body Shop Body Butters. I chose the Papaya (200 ml) and the Moringa (300 ml) ones this time. The Papaya Body Butter is very hydrating for dry skin as it contains cold-pressed papaya seed oil and has a very sweet fruity scent. The Moringa Body Butter with moringa seed oil is dedicated to normal/dry skin. Moringa is actually a tree, if I’m not mistaken, and the scent is ah-mazing, I fell in love with its floral and mildly sweet notes immediately.

If we stay in the body-care-items zone, I also got the Satsuma Beautifying Oil. I would never guess what satsuma is, it’s actually a clementine! Now I know why I loved the scent straight away, it is a very interesting choice for a body oil, but it is still fresh enough to work great. This is actually a dry oil for body, face and hair, so I’m eager to try it out on my hair soon. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Then I got the soap-free Papaya Shower Gel, because I love shower gels and why not, it has a nice scent, less sweet than the Papaya Body Butter. I also fell in love with the Moringa  Shower Gel, but they only had a 750 ml version and I have a weight limit for my way back, I’ll have to get it the next time!

I also purchased the Wild Rose Hand Cream with SPF 15 for all skin types. Because of its light texture, the cream quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves a nice rose scent. The only thing that bothers me is its metal packaging, I hate that creams just burst out from the tube when you take them out of a bag, but it will be better after I use it up a bit.

If anyone is obsessed with The Body Shop as I am, put your hands in the air, please! ;)

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