November Favorites 2015

4. 12. 2015

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Yet another busy month is around and it is only fair to share my November favorites with you. Although I had a huge amount of work in the last couple of weeks, I always found some time for myself and my make-up routine – isn’t that what hobbies are all about? ;) Well, let’s get started!

I must begin with THE best dry hair shampoo in the whole wide world. Batiste dry shampoos are the best you can find and I can proudly say that this one was finally bought in Slovenia! I chose the formula for dark brown hair and it is much better that you don’t have to be as careful as if you’re using the normal white one.

I own a few highlighters, but the Vivid Baked Highlighter by Makeup Revolution brought my love for highlighting to a whole new level. I am probably walking around resembling to a Christmas decoration, but I love it! This one is not that typical, I would say, as it has a golden undertone to it. However, the shimmer is so tiny and elegant that it looks gorgeous on the cheeks.

The Balea Aqua eye cream has been saving the skin around my eyes since the temperatures fell down, I always immediately get insanely dry skin and the constant use of eyeshadows doesn’t help, obviously. This is why I’ve been moisturising that area of my face a lot and it does feel much better now. I’m sure I’ll keep using it throughout the winter.

The new Color Tattoo Creamy Matte in shade Vintage Plum is such a nice eyeshadow. I really like to apply a thin layer and then add a dark brown shade in the crease. To me, creating smoky eyes has never been as easy as with Color Tattoos!

For the lips, I’ve been loving a bit more moisturising products this month. The Bee Natural lip balm with mango is among the most effective lip balms I have ever tried – maybe because it consists of beeswax, which is known to provide an efficient protection for your skin. To add some color, I’ve been using the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in shade Wild Watermelon, a very sheer lipstick that is perfect and easy to apply when I’m in a hurry!

To round the past month up, I have to mention my love for candles!! My recent purchase is the Air Wick Life Scents called Mom’s Baking. Believe me, there’s no better way to describe this scent – baked pear, pie crust and vanilla predominate this Christmasy candle. I know these candles are not that beneficial to our health or environment, but there’s just not that many organic candles available in Slovenia – I’m not sure whether I’ve even heard of one company that would retail here. Nevertheless, this scent is amazing, but if you do know for something a bit more natural, please let me know!

Are you a candle person, too? :)

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