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31. 10. 2016

IMG_8285Oh my, where is this year going, we’re at the end of October already! This month was very intense and interesting in all aspects, the most amazing event was the Beauty Bloggers Conference which provided a pile of gorgeous products to try out and tell you all about them. However, please bear in mind that I will always tell you my hones opinion just the way I did until now. Let’s see which products really impressed me this month!

IMG_8241So, I have to start with the main star of my evening skincare routine, the Melvita Nigella Oil I got at the Conference. Nigella oil is actually very beneficial for oily skin as it contains a number of vitamins and nutrients as well as skin recovery properties. Oils should always be applied on damp skin because this way you only need a drop or two to apply it evenly on the whole face. I’ve been using the Dvorec Trebnik Refreshing toner as a base and I really love the combination, the toner refreshes my skin and the oil moisturizes it during the night. In the morning, the feeling after washing my face is great and my skin stays normal for hours. I may have overcome my fear of using oils, thank you so much, Melvita!

I haven’t mentioned before, but I got myself two little thingies at the Rituals store in Belgium. This candle was actually my last “heavy” product I went for because I knew my luggage would be completely overweight if I got anything else (and I already upgraded it to the max 32 kg!) – and the suitcase actually had 32 kg at the airport! I was actually shopping with autumn and winter in my mind and you’ll soon see why. This candle is called Sweet Sunrise and it is such a luxurious little item with sweet orange and cedar wood scent that fills the room the second it’s lit up. I feel this candle will come to a good use this year! The second item I got is their travel-sized fragrance EDP Eau d’orient and the name already suggests its main notes are full of woody aromas such as incense and spicy Persian pepper. The fragrance is very intense at first, but develops very nicely after a few minutes. Plus, one or two sprays last for the whole day as it is very long lasting.

Another thing to mention are this beautiful wooden tray and flowers I purchased at the L’Occitane garage sale. They are so gorgeous together with the feathers I’ve had stored for years, they really brighten up the room. Anyhow, I still have to carve a pumpkin for Halloween in the afternoon, stay tuned on Instagram to see if I manage to make a decent one or not!

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  • Reply NIka 5. 11. 2016 at 17:00

    Res super so tile L’occitane podstavki … seveda pa tudi lepotni izdelki.

  • Reply Vesna 5. 11. 2016 at 19:37

    Se popolnoma strinjam in resnično upam, da boste podobno L’Occitanovo garažno razprodajo še kdaj ponovili! :)

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