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Autumn favorites #2017

17. 12. 2017

You know what they say, better late than sorry! Autumn has flown by like crazy, but it was still a good season regarding new cosmetics. I bought quite a few product that I’ve been really loving since day one and I actually managed to use them a lot as I was at home for more than three weeks due to two consecutive colds!

my top five are:

The main star of the Autumn favorites is without doubt the Makeup Revolution Pro HD Luxe eyeshadow palette. I already wrote about it extensively here – a beautiful combination of mattes and shimmers in different shades make for a versatile selection that can be used for every single occasion. Since then I received three more of their palettes and each of them is just as amazing! The second most exciting product is the Nuxe Rêve de miel, one of the most recommended lip balms by Slovenian bloggers. I was never that interested in it, but one day it just caught my attention in the store and I had to give it a go. Oh, how right was I to buy it, this is such a luxurious lip product! It really nourishes my lips and has a very pleasant smell. It also works great as a lip primer, especially on the days I decide to wear matte lip sticks. On the same day I actually also bought the Catrice Glow Stick from the Dawid Tomaszewski LE, a very pigmented and creamy highlighter with silver and white glitter. The outer packaging is very pretty and elegant, but the inner patent unfortunately looks very cheap and can quickly become messy. I believe this is due to its triangular shape, everything would be much easier if they went for a standard round stick :) Nevertheless, I really enjoy using it and will be perfect for the upcoming Holiday season.

Cold weather calls for hand protection and this is where The Ritual of Sakura hand cream by Rituals comes in. This cream is so nice to use as it quickly sinks into the skin due to its lightweight consistency. And the scent is obviously lovely, it’s Rituals we’re talking about! Plus, there is quite a generous amount of the product in the tube which means it will last for months. Last but not least, I’ve been using the Kneipp Regeneration Enzyme Peeling Powder so much this autumn. This is a very gentle enzyme peeling that comes in powder form. You just mix a small amount of powder with several drops of water, mix it and apply it on the face. The skin on my face feels very soft, but other than that I haven’t noticed any difference in how my skin looks. But it’s a nice evening treatment and I don’t have to worry that my skin would get any reactions, which is obviously a big plus!


October favorites ◊ 2016 – Rituals and autumn skincare …

31. 10. 2016

IMG_8285Oh my, where is this year going, we’re at the end of October already! This month was very intense and interesting in all aspects, the most amazing event was the Beauty Bloggers Conference which provided a pile of gorgeous products to try out and tell you all about them. However, please bear in mind that I will always tell you my hones opinion just the way I did until now. Let’s see which products really impressed me this month!

IMG_8241So, I have to start with the main star of my evening skincare routine, the Melvita Nigella Oil I got at the Conference. Nigella oil is actually very beneficial for oily skin as it contains a number of vitamins and nutrients as well as skin recovery properties. Oils should always be applied on damp skin because this way you only need a drop or two to apply it evenly on the whole face. I’ve been using the Dvorec Trebnik Refreshing toner as a base and I really love the combination, the toner refreshes my skin and the oil moisturizes it during the night. In the morning, the feeling after washing my face is great and my skin stays normal for hours. I may have overcome my fear of using oils, thank you so much, Melvita!

I haven’t mentioned before, but I got myself two little thingies at the Rituals store in Belgium. This candle was actually my last “heavy” product I went for because I knew my luggage would be completely overweight if I got anything else (and I already upgraded it to the max 32 kg!) – and the suitcase actually had 32 kg at the airport! I was actually shopping with autumn and winter in my mind and you’ll soon see why. This candle is called Sweet Sunrise and it is such a luxurious little item with sweet orange and cedar wood scent that fills the room the second it’s lit up. I feel this candle will come to a good use this year! The second item I got is their travel-sized fragrance EDP Eau d’orient and the name already suggests its main notes are full of woody aromas such as incense and spicy Persian pepper. The fragrance is very intense at first, but develops very nicely after a few minutes. Plus, one or two sprays last for the whole day as it is very long lasting.

Another thing to mention are this beautiful wooden tray and flowers I purchased at the L’Occitane garage sale. They are so gorgeous together with the feathers I’ve had stored for years, they really brighten up the room. Anyhow, I still have to carve a pumpkin for Halloween in the afternoon, stay tuned on Instagram to see if I manage to make a decent one or not!


September favorites ◊ 2016

6. 10. 2016

Oh myyy, have the days become cold and short as well, sadly! I finally started to search for knitwear in the boxes full of winter clothes and I can’t wait to start wearing them, fall is probably my favorite season ♥ Let’s go through my September favorites, there are quite a few interesting bits I want to share with you guys.

I have to begin with these cute plates from Mömax! They are called Shakti and there are several colors and styles available. I also like the Shiva edition, they look very classy as well. I would love to have our kitchen shelves full of such beautiful patterns! The next item that is, among others, very nice to look at is this cute fragrance! It’s the Rituals Eau d’orient, a very warm and intense eau de parfum with hints of pepper, incense and woody notes. All in all, perfect for this and the following season! I’ve also been using this Kiko Milano mauve lip pencil 711 all the time. It goes well with any type of make up and any combination of clothes, a real must-have piece if you’re looking for long-lasting solutions.

I also have to mention the Depend GelLack permanent nail polish in shade Black Pearl. I don’t wear it by itself as it isn’t that opaque, but I love applying it at my nail tips when I wear black permanent nail polish to create an ombre-kind of look. I believe this is what stardust really looks like! ♥ Another lip product is the Coconut Lip Butter by The Body Shop, another staple item in my purse. There’s no point in repeating this is my must current must-have.

Last but not least, I love my recently purchased jewellery, everything from cute bracelets, rings, earrings and above knuckle rings to this gorgeous blue stone necklace. I bought almost everything in the Six accessory store, and the earrings were bought in Primark. Plus, these two plates are a fantastic solution for storing rings or other small pieces of jewellery, I think it looks so trendy!