September favorites ◊ 2016

6. 10. 2016

Oh myyy, have the days become cold and short as well, sadly! I finally started to search for knitwear in the boxes full of winter clothes and I can’t wait to start wearing them, fall is probably my favorite season ♥ Let’s go through my September favorites, there are quite a few interesting bits I want to share with you guys.

I have to begin with these cute plates from Mömax! They are called Shakti and there are several colors and styles available. I also like the Shiva edition, they look very classy as well. I would love to have our kitchen shelves full of such beautiful patterns! The next item that is, among others, very nice to look at is this cute fragrance! It’s the Rituals Eau d’orient, a very warm and intense eau de parfum with hints of pepper, incense and woody notes. All in all, perfect for this and the following season! I’ve also been using this Kiko Milano mauve lip pencil 711 all the time. It goes well with any type of make up and any combination of clothes, a real must-have piece if you’re looking for long-lasting solutions.

I also have to mention the Depend GelLack permanent nail polish in shade Black Pearl. I don’t wear it by itself as it isn’t that opaque, but I love applying it at my nail tips when I wear black permanent nail polish to create an ombre-kind of look. I believe this is what stardust really looks like! ♥ Another lip product is the Coconut Lip Butter by The Body Shop, another staple item in my purse. There’s no point in repeating this is my must current must-have.

Last but not least, I love my recently purchased jewellery, everything from cute bracelets, rings, earrings and above knuckle rings to this gorgeous blue stone necklace. I bought almost everything in the Six accessory store, and the earrings were bought in Primark. Plus, these two plates are a fantastic solution for storing rings or other small pieces of jewellery, I think it looks so trendy!

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