Grapefruit smoothie time!

14. 1. 2017

Snow has just began to settle in, but I’m already one step in spring! I love smoothies not just because they remind me of warmer months, but I feel they help me a lot when I catch a cold. I’ve been experimenting a lot with citruses and combinations with grapefruit or oranges are among my favorites at the moment. Here you have a recipe of one of the tastiest and most refreshing fruit smoothies that has been on my breakfast list a lot since new year! You’ll need:

1 banana    1 grapefruit  ♥  1 medium chopped carrot    1 tsp ginger    water

Put everything into a blender and add water. I usually add one to two cups, depending on how thick I want the smoothie to be. Turn on the blender and let it blend until there are no large pieces of carrot floating around. Pour into a cup and enjoy! 


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