4. 2. 2018

img_9293img_9308img_9275img_9323As I’m getting older, my perception of beauty has changed quite a bit. My focus has slightly shifted towards skincare in the past year and I started incorporating some active ingredients into my morning skincare routine. The first thing I always do after waking up is washing my face with cold water. This instantly wakes me up and I feel so refreshed afterwards! After that I usually make myself a cup of coffee, read the news and go through some of my favorite blogs (such as Janni, Mariannan and Caroline Berg Eriksen – it seems that I adore the Scandinavian girls!) :)

Then it’s time to take a shower and this is when I use the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, a nice gentle cleanser with glycolic acid. I don’t use many products in the morning because I have a very thorough cleansing routine in the evening. When my face is dry, I spray my face with a face mist. These weeks I’ve been using the Melvita Damask Rose floral water, I also love Tea Tree Water by Lush or any other mist by L’Occitane. Then I’ll apply some eye cream and currently I’m using the Soothing eye contour cream by Avène. I love how moisturizing it is, I really need that before applying makeup to the eye area. I also love the Enchanted Eye Cream by Lush, you can read my review here (I still have some left at home, such a treat!). Moving on, my favorite serum at the moment is the Caudalie Glow activating anti-wrinkle serum, such an amazing item! I always prefer serums over thick creams and this one preps my face for makeup perfectly. And to end the routine, especially on sunny days, I apply the Avène sunscreen with SPF 50 all over my face. I know this is a very high SPF, but I prefer applying smaller quantities and still having some protection against the sun rays than smearing my face with the product. It has a very nice formula, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t make my face oily. This one also doesn’t affect my makeup wear time or how it looks, so it’s a perfect all-around sunscreen for makeup lovers like me :) Well, this is all regarding my morning skincare at the moment, but please share your preferences, I would love to hear your favorites! :)

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