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Lookfantastic Beauty Box – October 2018

4. 11. 2018

img_3610img_3617img_3654img_3672img_3709Things just got serious, my November Beauty Box is on its way so I have to hurry and go through the October’s edition! :) Does anyone have similar problems, months just slip by and despite my best efforts some things just never get done. Anyway, let’s discuss the Lookfantastic October Beauty Box, which is by far one of the best boxes I received since my first subscription in April.

Let’s start with the product I’ve constantly been using for the past month: Fresh Face Blush by Pixi in shade Beach Rose. This is actually a warm matt brown that I use as a bronzer, it beautifully applies on the skin and contours the face. Strangely enough, I cannot find this particular shade anywhere, it seems like it’s been discontinued. But if all Pixi Beauty bronzers and blushes perform as well as this one (the reviews are excellent), there’s no reason not to try the other shades!

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion is also among my favorites, it has such an extraordinary scent! It contains Dead Sea minerals, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. I love how quickly it sinks in and how wonderful the skin feels afterwards.

This Beauty Box also included the Dr. Lipp Balm for dry skin and lips. It’s actually a very nourishing balm that really prevents the lips from drying, which is very important now that the heating season has started. It can be used for the hands and any other dry part as well, but I’ll keep using it on the lips!

The AGELESS Throat & Decolletage cream by Prai is a very pleasant anti-ageing cream, a nice reminder that we should also focus on the area below our face! I’m really good at applying all the active ingredients on my throat and decolletage and this AGELESS cream will definitely come in handy. Mulberry, Saxifrage and Grapeseed Extracts fight age spots and discolorations while Sepilift DPHP™ restores elasticity and stimulates contraction of collagen. There’s no difference on my skin yet, but I still have to test it out properly!

This leaves us with two face products. First is the Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox; one bubble mask was also part of the May edition and it was so creepy to use it! It just foamed uncontrollably for a few minutes, but it left a nice feeling on the skin. I feel this one will be quite similar, but I don’t like these foaming masks so much that I would buy them, I rather invest into moisturizing masks or overnight treatments.

The second one is the MONU Night Renewal Complex, a cream with Marine Collagen and Polysaccharides that smoothes fine lines, improves elasticity, nourishes and hydrates the skin. I applied it a couple of times at the end of my evening skincare routine and it works nicely. It leaves the skin very soft and has a fresh scent that slightly resembles the sea, so nice!

That’s all that I have to say about the October Lookfantastic Beauty Box, this one was great and I truly hope that the November’s edition will be just as exciting! :)



4. 2. 2018

img_9293img_9308img_9275img_9323As I’m getting older, my perception of beauty has changed quite a bit. My focus has slightly shifted towards skincare in the past year and I started incorporating some active ingredients into my morning skincare routine. The first thing I always do after waking up is washing my face with cold water. This instantly wakes me up and I feel so refreshed afterwards! After that I usually make myself a cup of coffee, read the news and go through some of my favorite blogs (such as Janni, Mariannan and Caroline Berg Eriksen – it seems that I adore the Scandinavian girls!) :)

Then it’s time to take a shower and this is when I use the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, a nice gentle cleanser with glycolic acid. I don’t use many products in the morning because I have a very thorough cleansing routine in the evening. When my face is dry, I spray my face with a face mist. These weeks I’ve been using the Melvita Damask Rose floral water, I also love Tea Tree Water by Lush or any other mist by L’Occitane. Then I’ll apply some eye cream and currently I’m using the Soothing eye contour cream by Avène. I love how moisturizing it is, I really need that before applying makeup to the eye area. I also love the Enchanted Eye Cream by Lush, you can read my review here (I still have some left at home, such a treat!). Moving on, my favorite serum at the moment is the Caudalie Glow activating anti-wrinkle serum, such an amazing item! I always prefer serums over thick creams and this one preps my face for makeup perfectly. And to end the routine, especially on sunny days, I apply the Avène sunscreen with SPF 50 all over my face. I know this is a very high SPF, but I prefer applying smaller quantities and still having some protection against the sun rays than smearing my face with the product. It has a very nice formula, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t make my face oily. This one also doesn’t affect my makeup wear time or how it looks, so it’s a perfect all-around sunscreen for makeup lovers like me :) Well, this is all regarding my morning skincare at the moment, but please share your preferences, I would love to hear your favorites! :)