Bourjouis Healthy Mix Concealer – Review

15. 4. 2015



If you ask me, concealers are always very useful. But there are times when they come in particularly handy, especially when I use foundations with lighter coverage. I’ve tried quite a few liquid high store concealers, but none of them provided as much coverage as this little gem. After a thoughtful consideration and a thorough research on the Internet, I decided to try out the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in the medium shade 52. I’ve been testing it for a while now and already featured it briefly in my February and March favorites.

According to the packaging, apricot extract provides radiance while raspberry extract activates the microcirculation. I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea whether my skin is radiant or starts to microcirculate after I apply it, but the Healthy Mix concealer provides exactly what I need: an instant high coverage that lasts for the whole day. I have a bit visible under eye dark circles that were practically impossible to cover with any cream concealer – until now! The peachy undertone perfectly neutralizes a slightly blue shade under my eyes and some natural redness on my cheeks. It also takes care of any other imperfections on my skin and blends in great even when the foundation has a bit different shade.

As for the use, be aware that I’m not an expert in any way, this is just my preferable way to use it when it comes to an under eye area ;) I apply small dots under my eyes in a V-shape and then blend it well with a flat Jessup brush … basically all over that part and even over the upper part of the cheeks. If necessary, I add another layer. I can definitely see a difference in the after picture. Besides covering the black circles, the concealer evened out a slightly red area above the cheeks. Quite impressive!


All in all, this concealer is perfect for those with normal to mixed skin, because it can be a bit drying. This doesn’t bother me, but those with very dry skin would probably feel some tension in those parts. Anyway, the tube of 10 ml costs around € 7 and will, at least for me, last for quite some time. Do you use any other concealer with similar coverage? If you do, please let me know, I’m always interested in testing out new products! :)

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  • Reply Abi Thomason 13. 12. 2015 at 2:54

    Great review on the Bourjois concealer! I was wondering what brush you used to apply it? It has a beautiful pink handle and looks very useful for concealing.

    • Reply Vesna 13. 12. 2015 at 8:24

      Hi, Abi! The brush I used is by Jessup and I ordered it on e-bay. Here is my post about the set and somewhere in the middle you can also find the link to the e-bay offer: And thank you! :)

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