Yves Rocher Tendre Jasmin

14. 10. 2014


There is no secret that I adore Yves Rocher products. I’ve had a few of their small perfumes until now, vanilla and peach scents, some body lotions and face creams. In Zagreb, however, I found a new love for 15 ml eaux de parfum! The store had around five different scents which are actually smaller packages of some perfumes in big bottles. This is great, especially if you cannot decide which one do you prefer, you can simply take both (or multiple)! Almost all scents are very fresh, so it was difficult to choose only one. I opted for Tendre Jasmin at the end, it has a gorgeous floral scent based on the jasmine blossom. Moreover, the package says that this scent is a concentrate of femininity and personally, I could not agree more. And you, have you ever tried some of their perfumes? :)




Vesna ♥

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