What to do in London: part 1!

Hello there,

this time I’ll be talking about the things you can do in London. Now bear in mind that these are only my personal suggestions, there is so much you can do here!

I’m going to start with markets. They are impossible to count! Some of them only take place on weekends, while others are open every day.

To me, Broadway Market is the best by far. It’s a food market that is open on Saturdays. The street, also called Broadway Market, is awesome by itself – so vibrant, full of young people, coffee shops and restaurants. On Saturdays, however, they close it for traffic and set up a number of cute stalls that line the street for the day. Delicious street food, pastries, cakes and so much more! Plus, there is always at least one street musician that makes your stroll along the street even more pleasant.



If Broadway Market isn’t enough, then head to Borough Market, which is open almost every day (you should check out their web site for opening hours). Now that’s a lot of food! And from all over the world. Only go there if you are hungry! :)


Apart from food markets, London boasts a number of flea and vintage markets.

If you’ve already borrowed a travel guide, you probably know about Camden Market and Portobello Market. To be completely honest, these two are extremely crowded and if you don’t like to struggle to walk along the street, then you might just want to visit one and you’ll have enough ;) You can see Portobello Market on the picture below. It’s worth a visit, anyway :)



If you like flowers, then you should definitely head to Columbia Flower Market. It’s open on Sundays. But don’t be surprised – their flower vendors are really loud! What I like about this market is the fact that you can watch people coming to the market and walking home with at least one beautiful bouquet, all day long.



You should also know that there are many other pop-up markets and festivals that take place only a few times or even once a year, so be sure you look at www.timeout.com/london before you come to London! Just today we went to Dalston Street Feast, which is an awesome food event that obviously attracts many young people (it was crowded)!

And the food was delicious.



Take care!


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