Natura Siberica – Aralia Mandshurica Day & Night creams

30. 7. 2015


Natura Siberica is a young Russian brand of organic cosmetics. I first encountered their products in Drogerie Markt when I was looking for a new organic moisturizer. Their design immediately caught my attention and as I read through the ingredients and descriptions, I realised that this is a high-quality brand for a very reasonable price (around € 11–20). As it is written on the packaging and their website, the plants used in their creams can survive the harshest weather conditions in Siberia, which is quite fascinating. And I believe they can have a much better effect on the skin than any other synthetic creams. The range of Natura Siberica’s products is very wide, all the way from skincare and bodycare to hair products. Plus, you can order their products on the Slovene site as well, the link is here!

What I also like is the fact that their packaging is wrapped in foil, which means that the products you buy at the drugstore should be intact. Furthermore, a small etiquette on the packaging describes the product, but there is also a folded description of the brand itself as well as of the product inside the box, which, in my opinion, makes the contact between the customer and the brand even more personalized. I purchased the Aralia Mandshurica Day cream and Night cream for dry skin, as I have some dry areas on my face that really disturb me. I’ve been using them both for a few months now.


The day cream is very moisturizing and has SPF 20, which is actually the main reason I chose this one. I don’t really have any wrinkles on my face (yet!!), so I cannot tell you if it actually strengthens the skin, but it does make it very smooth. The one thing that I did notice is that the pigmentation marks on my face go away a lot quicker than they used to. The cream may have to do something with it, as it contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and many other wild harvested plants (Aralia Mandshurica thorn tree, Altai Fescue, and Arnica).

On the other hand, the night cream is very rich and is thought to provide deep regeneration as well as stimulate collagen production. The  gorgeous violet plant Hesperis Sibirica (pictures here!!) and organic oats make the skin soft and supple. The only thing that bothers me is that the night cream is the one that mattifies the skin and not the day one – I would strongly prefer this to be vice versa. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make my skin oily throughout the night like other creams do, which is a big plus.

In my opinion, the Aralia Mandshurica Day and Night creams are two lovely produtcts providing a lot of moisture as well as sun protection (day cream) and both have a very light, natural scent. I would definitely recommend them to all who like organic cosmetics or want to try something new. I defeinitely have to try their shampoos and conditioners at some point.

Have you already tried any of their products? ♥

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