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Let’s finally talk favorites, shall we? Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to show you my February favorites last month, but that shouldn’t be a problem because I used a lot of these products throughout both February and March. When I don’t have much time (which is practically all the time lately), I want to use effective products that I can rely on. Here is really just a small section of everything I love at the moment; sadly, I cannot make a post about 20 products, can I? Or can I? ;)


The only non-beauty favorite has been the Clipper Organic Detox Infusion with hibiscus, nettle, liquorice and aloe vera. This must be one of the best teas I’ve ever tried, it is so sweet and perfectly sour, smells like a bouquet of spring flowers and the color is so intense that you can immediately tell the tea is completely organic. And don’t be afraid of brown tea bags, because they are actually unbleached. I would never imagine anyone would bleach bags just for visual reasons, what’s wrong with the brown ones? Ughh, I’ll never understand that.    You may know that I love moisturizers and body lotions, but I completely forgot to use them in winter. This may be because I obviously wore no shorts and skirts, but spring is a completely different story! Thank goodness that I got the Fruit of the Earth’s Cocoa butter as a gift in the drugstore, because I finally felt how moisturized skin looks like again. Besides nourishing the skin with aloe vera and vitamin E, it makes the dry patches completely soft and leaves a pleasant scent of cocoa. All in all, a great product!  ♦  And now it is the time to let you know about the best concealer in town, the Bourjois Healthy mix Concealer. This thing is beyond amazing, if you’re looking for a long lasting concealer with high coverage, this is one of the best you can find in drugstores in my opinion. It flawlessly covers any imperfections and does not fade at all throughout the day. I’ll write a separate post about this one soon!    I began using the perfect spring scent again, the Yves Rocher’s Tendre Jasmin eau de parfum. I already dedicated one post to it in autumn and you can read about it here. The best thing is that a few sprays will last for the whole day, believe me. If you like fresh and floral perfumes, you should really try this one out! :)


The last three lip products have been saving my lips for the past two months. A great treat for dry lips is the Body Shop Honeymania lip balm and I got it from my friend as a very late Christmas gift, it is so cool to receive small unexpected gifts after the season is over! ♥ Anyway, I like everything with honey, so it is no surprise that I fell in love with this one even before I tried it out for the first time. It is very thick and moisturizing, but also stays on the lips for a long time. I guess there is no The Body Shop lip balms I wouldn’t like!    My sister kindly bought two identical Alverde lipsticks for both of us for no reason, she’s so nice! This one is in shade sweet berry (60) and although I don’t have many positive experiences with Alverde lipsticks (I got an orange one last year, it was so popular shade at the time, but I honestly looked like a giant sick pumpkin!), I’m impressed with it. The formula is very sheer, but still emphasizes the natural color of the lips. In addition, its small shimmer is not noticeable at all.  ♦  The last product is the Maybelline Colorama lip gloss in 289. This one is just a basic lip gloss with a pink undertone and some glitter, nothing special, but comes in handy when I want some color but not in a lipstick form.

Well, that would be all from my part in this post! I will make another batch of the brownie bliss balls today, I sure hope they will last until Monday :D Anyway, let the Easter festivities begin!

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