My summer body care

26. 7. 2015



A good body care is not essential just in warmer months, but throughout the whole year. However, this hot weather makes my skin so dull and dry that I really have to take care of it all the time. Since it is a fact that sunbathing isn’t that healthy at all, my recent purchase was the Alverde self-tanning lotion with a gentle orange blossom and vanilla scent. I usually apply it on my legs as I feel this is the only part that maintains a weird uneven tan throughout the whole summer. Its texture is very smooth and gradually creates an even tan if applied in thin layers. Just make sure you wash your hands after use ;)

In the last years, I really fell in love with the Drogerie Markt’s sunscreen line, it’s called SunDance and has a whole range of products – all the way from sunscreens to after sun lotions in different formulas. I’ve been using the Transparent Sun Spray with SPF 30 this year and it’s so much better than regular lotions! You just spray it on your skin, then massage it a bit and voila! Plus, it’s not greasy once it absorbs in. On the days when I’m outside a lot, I like to – and that’s definitely a must do on holidays!! – use some after sun lotion. Nothing special here, just a regular cooling lotion. However, my sister purchased a gorgeous SunDance after sun lotion in a foamy texture, you have to try it out!! It smells like fresh melon and has a funny blue color, you can take a look here! :)


As soon as I scented the Garnier Oil Beauty body scrub, I knew I have to take it home with me. It smells divine, a very exotic smell one can easily associate with holidays in, let’s say, Morocco. Unfortunately, the particles are quite big and clumsy, the smaller ones would be much more effective if you ask me. But it smells so good!! And to keep my skin nice and  moisturized on days I usually spend inside, I use the Balea Spray-On Bodylotion. You wouldn’t believe how much easier this lotion is to use, you just spray it on and quickly massage it in. It absorbs in a matter of seconds and doesn’t leave a greasy layer at all. And the scent is quite lovely too, very natural and a bit powdery.

And another trick that really makes a hell lot of a difference in such hot days as at the moment are water sprays, like this Radenska Naturelle. You spray a bit on your face, arms and legs and suddenly feel so refreshed! As far as I know you can also get also the one from Evian or Balea at the drugstore.

Take care ♥

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