New in my brush stash: Jessup brushes

22. 3. 2015


I don’t complicate much when it comes to brushes: if the brush does the job decently, it becomes a staple in my makeup routine. This is why I regularly use around five different brushes and my brush stash has been pretty the same for the last year – not so beauty-blogger-like, right? I use the Real Techincques stippling and blush brush for my foundation and compact powder (yes, I use the blush brush for compact powder and I couldn’t be happier!), the EcoTools bronzer brush to apply bronzer, obviously, the e.l.f. Studio blush brush to apply blush and highlighter, and two brushes to apply eyeshadows, the e.l.f. eye crease brush and another one from Müller. Only having two brushes for eye shadows might be the reason that my eye makeup look practically the same all the time :D

Well, one of my fellow Slovene bloggers Beautysaur mentioned her baby blue Jessup brushes in her Best of 2014 post. Obviously, I had to check them out immediately on e-bay and fell in love with their pink 10-piece set for around € 13 that includes tapered, round, angled, flat and flat angled eye brush, and tapered, round, angled, flat and flat angled face brush.

The bristles are synthetic and don’t fall out (as far as I know). And they are so so soft! I couldn’t imagine that such cheap brushes could be so amazing. I even started using one of the eye brushes before I managed to take pictures, I’m so sorry for that :D I’ve been using them for a good week now, but I still haven’t managed to try all of them. As for the eyes, I use tapered brush to apply eye shadows, angled tapered brush to blend things out and the flat brush to apply concealer, which works great for me. On the rest of the face, I’ve only tried two brushes. The round brush is great to apply the foundation, but absorbs a lot of the product. This is why I still prefer to use the Real Techniques stippling brush. However, I really do like the angled brush to apply cream-to-blush powders. It blends the brush really nicely and is still compact enough to scoop the creamy products out of the packaging.




Jessup brushes are actually thought to be great dupes for Sigma brushes. I wouldn’t know about that, but they are definitely worth the money. Have you already tried any of them? If you have, please let me know, I really want to know what you think about them :)

Take care ♥


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  • Reply Danijela 22. 3. 2015 at 16:30

    Zgledajo čudovito <3 Sem že slišala da so neverjetno super čopiči za to ceno, tako da se nakup kar splača :)

  • Reply Vesna 22. 3. 2015 at 18:37

    Res so tako lepi! In se strinjam, za tako ceno so res zelo dobri :) Edini problem je, da jih je preveč :D

  • Reply Ana 24. 3. 2015 at 11:55

    Oo te roza so tudi lepe O.o :) Že nekaj časa razmišljam da bi kupila še en komplet in vse čopiče zamenjala s temi :) Pa hvala za mention* :)

    • Reply Vesna 24. 3. 2015 at 18:50

      Jaa, takoj sem se zaljubila v njih! Z veseljem ;)

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