Mini Click2Chic haul

6. 10. 2015



I was randomly browsing through Click2Chic site last week and actually found a few products that immediately caught my attention. And since the shipping was free that week-end, I was sold!

A lipstick lover as I am, I couldn’t complete the order without a single red lipstick – and this one is already among my favorites. The decision fell on the Milani matt lipstick in shade Matte Confident 67, a brilliant red with such an amazing long-lasting formula that I still cannot believe it cost only € 7! Although it has a matt finish, the lipstick itself is very creamy and easy to apply. This is a real statement lipstick, you don’t need a ton of other makeup at all. The color is a bit deeper in reality – you should take a look at Kathleen’s much better swatch here (isn’t it ironic that red lipsticks are my favorite makeup product and I cannot take one decent picture of them? Hah!). This is actually my first Milani product and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more soon!

The second most intriguing product is the Parisax extra black semi-permanent eye pencil, which is technically an eyeliner if you ask me, but let’s go with eye pencil this time. I prefer pencil felt-tip applicators over brushes, so I knew this one would be useful. It is quite liquidy as you can see on the picture below, but dries pretty quickly. I haven’t used it as much as to be completely sure how longlasting it is, but it looks promising.


Now I can finally say I own a proper blending brush! The bristles of this BH Cosmetics blending brush are incredibly soft and thus great for gently buffing out eye shadows in the crease – which is quite a difficult task with a wrong brush. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I’ll probably take a look at other brushes as  well.

The last product is the Models Own 5 in 1 top and base coat, but I’m not that impressed with this one. I know this is a good nail polish brand, but my Essie nail polish just peeled off after using this one both as a base and a top coat. A real bummer, it seems I’ll have to invest quite a lot of money into a base coat that will, if not prolong the actual wear-time, at least not accelerate the peeling/chipping off process.

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  • Reply Valentina Poljak 6. 10. 2015 at 18:04

    O kako luškan blog imaš! Celoten videz mi je všeč in slike so čudovite :) Ta šminka pa je enostavno lepega odtenka :)


    • Reply Vesna 6. 10. 2015 at 19:46

      Joj, hvala lepa! Šminka je neverjetno lepa, takega odtenka pri nas res še nisem našla. Priporočam! ;)

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