Maybelline Color Tattoo: On and on Bronze & My Collection

17. 3. 2015


I cannot express enough how much I adore the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadows. Last week I added a new golden bronze shade to my collection – On and on Bronze (35). I’ve been eyeing this one up for weeks and it was the last shade I really wanted to lay my hands on. As with any Color Tattoo eye shadow, I apply this one with my fingertips all over the lid and then blend it either with my fingertip or a blending brush. The formula is the easiest to blend if I compare it to the other ones, but I am sure it will dry a bit in the course of the year. Their lasting power is insane, although I have hooded eyes these eyeshadows last for hours without fading or smudging.

I have four shades in total: Pink Gold, Metallic Pomegranate, On and on Bronze, and Permanent Taupe. I use them every single day and believe me when I say you will have them for ages. It seems practically impossible to me to use them up, I’ve been using the Permanent Taupe for almost two years and there is still so much product left in the jar!



I find it quite hard to wear bright pink on the eyes, but the Pink Gold is such an easy shade to wear. With a silver undertone, a tiny bit is perfect for highlighting the under-brow bone. Otherwise it is a wonderful base for a more neutral eye look. I find the Metallic Pomegranate the hardest to wear, the shade is somewhere between brown and aubergine when you blend it in, and contains some gold shimmer. I use it when I’m doing smoky eyes only. As for the On and on Bronze, I love the golden and bronze hue that creates an effortless look. Just a bit of an eyeliner in the corner and you’re good to go! (I finally learned how to use an eyeliner on my hooded eyes, I’ll tell you more about it soon!) Last but not least, we have the Permanent Taupe, a perfect taupe shade that is easily buildable from a light to an intense taupe.




I’m so disappointed that we don’t get any limited editions in Slovenia, I really wanted to try out some of the Leather Limited Edition that was issued last year, especially the neutral Creamy Beige and deep brown Chocolate Suede. Either way, I hope Maybelline will never discontinue these gorgeous eye shadows, they really do make my makeup routine much easier :)

On another note, I apologize for the lack of post recently. After finishing my translation internship a week ago, it was difficult to go back on tracks. I have so much regular work to do for my studies that I can hardly find time to take pictures in a decent light and then write a post about it! I just needed to complain a bit, I’ll be just fine ;)

Take care 


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  • Reply Ana 24. 9. 2015 at 13:42

    Jaz nimam še nobenega :O Res skrajni čas, da si kakšnega umislim ane?
    Fotografije so mi pa top <3

    • Reply Vesna 24. 9. 2015 at 18:02

      Jaaaa, res nujno rabiš! :D Meni so super, vsak dan jih uporabljam kot podlago za senčila. Sicer so mi ti štirje odtenki najlepši, bi pa takoj imela kakšnega iz kolekcije Leather, ampak jih pri nas (tako kot vedno) žal ni … Hvala! :)

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