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21. 1. 2018

I’m slowly starting to hate cold weather, but January sales made it a bit more bearable. Every December I make a plan about all the things that I wish to buy on sales and, as it happens every single year, Lush was one of my top priorities ;) Their selection was waaay more extensive than the previous years, but I came prepared and knew exactly what to look for. I got myself the biggest bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, just because I am a big hoarder of shower gels at heart. Although I’m getting better and try to use things up, I just couldn’t go by and leave it there! The scent is divine, sugary and sweet with a hint of vanilla. And tiny little glitter, of course, you just feel like a relaxed fairy after your morning shower! My next exciting product is Sikkim Girls. Not a fragrance I would normally go for, but its oriental vibe with a hint of jasmine and flowers got my attention. It is insanely longlasting and my clothes smell so nice for days! Last summer I fell in love with the Lush sun care products. I wanted to try something new, so I went for the Sesame Suntan Lotion. At the store they told me it smells like Snickers and I can partially agree, but I mainly smell tahini, haha! It has a nice creamy texture and looks like it will absorb into the skin quickly, so I’m looking forward to using it at the seaside. Last but not least, no Lush purchase is done without their bath bombs! I went for Plum Snow and actually received My Two Front Teeth from my bestie :) They both smell amazing and I already tried the second one, it has such an intense color! Well, that’s all from my part, have you done any damage at Lush sales this year, too? :)


// Zimskega mraza sem se počasi naveličala, vendar so ga januarske razprodaje naredile malo bolj znosnega ;) Vsak december razmislim, česa se bom lotila na razprodajah, in Lush je bil kot vsako leto praktično na začetku seznama. Njihova izbira je bila letos precej večja kot prejšnja leta, vendar sem prišla pripravljena in sem približno vedela, kaj želim kupiti. Najprej sem se odločila za največji gel za tuširanje Snow Fairy, enostavno zato, ker jih z velikim veseljem hrčkam v kopalnici. Čeprav mi gre bolje in izdelke poskušam porabiti do konca, ga kar nisem mogla pustiti v trgovinici! Vonj je božanski, zelo sladek s kančkom vanilije ter majhnimi bleščicami, tako da se po jutranji prhi res počutim kot zelo spočita vila! Zelo sem navdušena tudi nad dišavo Sikkim Girls, ki sicer ni med mojimi tipičnimi vonji, vendar obožujem njen orientalski pridih z jasminom in cvetličnimi notami. Res je zelo dolgo obstojna in moja oblačila božansko dišijo še nekaj dni! Lansko leto sem se zaljubila v Lusheve izdelke z zaščitnim faktorjem, tako da sem tokrat izbrala Sesame Suntan Lotion. V prodajalni so mi rekli, da diši po Snickersu, mene pa prej spominja na tahini :) Ima zelo prijetno, kremasto strukturo in zdi se mi, da se bo hitro vpil v kožo, zato komaj čakam na poletje. No, ni pravega nakupa brez Lushevih bombic za kopanje, zato sem izbrala Plum Snow, My Two Front Teeth pa mi je podarila prijateljica :) Obe enkratno dišita in drugo sem že uporabila, ima res prelepo barvo. Ste tudi ve našle kakšno malenkost zase? :)


Pre-holiday Lush Haul

21. 10. 2017

img_6732img_6779img_6734 img_6740img_6772Pre-holiday season is almost here, which only means one thing: a bunch of new Lush goodies for Halloween and Christmas! I was thinking about dropping by the Lush store for days and when I was passing by last week and the whole street was smelling exactly like Lush, I just had to go inside and take a look. They have so many new items, from naked shower gels and lotions, brand new face masks, lip balms and fragrances to limited Halloween and Christmas bath bombs.

As I am running out of my Bubblegum lip scrub, my first choice was their new Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. When one of their employees showed it to me and I saw its cute violet color and I realized it smells fantastic, I was sold! I love finely ground sugar lip scrubs and the fact that it smells like the tastiest cotton candy mixed with sweet wild orange oil makes it even better to use. The second item is the Santa’s Belly, a shower jelly that smells like apples, star anise, red grape juice, bergamot oil and rose absolute. A real winter treat that leaves a lovely scent on my skin. You can either take a small piece and lather it in your hands or the whole jelly and you just put it back in the jar after use. Last but not least, I couldn’t leave the shop without a limited edition bath bomb! I went for the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dip themselves into a sparkly bath for the yummiest aroma therapy sesh ever with junipberry, lime and grapefruit oil? However, it is true that I don’t mind having glitter all over me the next day. All in all, this haul has really gotten me into the holiday spirit and I cannot wait for all the festivities to begin!


Protecting my skin

25. 7. 2017

Although I love strolling around during the day in the summer, I know how dangerous it is to expose your skin to the sun. And since there is so much controversy when it comes to some of the ingredients in sunscreens, I figured why not try a more natural alternative for protecting my skin. Lush is always my first choice when I’m looking for such products and I was very excited when I bought Powdered Sunshine and The Sunblock in early spring. This means I’ve had plenty opportunities in the past few months to test these two items out.

Powdered Sunshine is a loose powder with SPF 15 and I was really skeptical about how it would turn out. As I’d been using sunscreen creams since I can remember, I could never imagine that a simple powder would protect me against UV-rays, but my worries were completely unfounded! It contains a bunch of good ingredients, such as sesame oil and cocoa butter to nourish your skin, and lemon, lime and patchouli oil for a nice summery and oriental scent. The powder is really easy to use and I mostly apply it in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not that strong. However, I don’t feel like using it during the day or when I’m at the beach, so this is when The Sunblock with SPF 30 steps in. Although the instructions say that it is best to use in the shower, I usually use it as any other Lush massage bar. As most of the product consists of cocoa butter, it easily melts to the touch and creates a relatively thick layer that has a very calming scent of chamomile, rose, eucalyptus and limonene. And not to mention both products really work great, I have a beautiful tan and did not get sunburnt at all, mission accomplished!

If you’re interested to know what real experts think about sunscreens, you should definitely visit There you will find the most recent findings about the efficiency of sunscreens, which ingredients to avoid and which formulas will work the best as some are apparently more tricky to use than the others. They also analyzed 135 products and chose top five to help you out. All in all an interesting research worth reading!

Take care! 


Vanilla & Jasmine

1. 7. 2017

img_3090 img_3092… and it’s finally mine, one of the best vanilla and jasmine fragrances in the world! Last week I celebrated my birthday and my sister surprised me with Vanillary, a fragrance by Lush that has been on my wish list for quite a while. Sweet notes of vanilla blend with tonka absoulte and jasmine to create one of the most warm perfumes out there. Although Vanillary is a completely vegan product, I can assure you its longevity will take you by surprise. Just a few sprays on my neck and hair are enough for the whole day and I keep noticing the scent on my hair up until the evening, I love it! Because of its warm, sweet notes it’s absolutely wonderful to use in the autumn and winter, but I’m still using it on the summer days that aren’t too hot. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, if you generally don’t like vanilla scents you get in drugstores, you should give this one a go because it’s definitely something special!


Another Lush gem: Enchanted Eye Cream

9. 3. 2017

Surprise, surprise, I have a new Lush favorite! You already know that I prefer serums over thick creams, so I was eager to try out the Enchanted Eye Cream (the Slovenian Lush website). My sister’s been using it all the time for around two years (and I loved it when I was at her place!). When I realised the skin around my eyes was very dry at the beginning of winter, I decided to buy it in a matter of microseconds during the sales in January. The Enchanted Eye Cream is a very gentle and fresh eye cream with lavender honey water, almond and jojoba oil. I love using it in the morning before I apply my daily cream and makeup, or in the evening before I go to bed. My skin is much softer and even concealer and foundation also look much better now. The only downside I can find is the pump – it’s impossible to get a small amount of the product out of the bottle (but I still make it work). So, if you’re looking for a very light-weight and moisturizing eye cream, this might just be it!


Silky Underwear and Fairy Dust

8. 1. 2017

img_7087img_7071 img_7076img_7090
Oh my, there are now words to describe how much I love Lush! I went completely nuts on their sales last week and got many products I’ve been wanting to try for a long time (haha!). The first two Lush products I went for are two dusting powders with the dreamiest scents on earth! The first one is Silky Underwer with a delicate soft scent. Jasmine absolute and vetivert give it a nice fragrance, whereas a hint of cacao butter moisturizes the skin and makes it incredibly soft. The second one is Fairy Dust, part of the Christmas limited edition and a great addition to any product from the Snow Fairy collection, if you ask me. This one has much sweeter musky notes and, to make it even more festive, tiny glitter! Both of them are a dream to use and I cannot wait to see how they will perform in spring and summer!


January Favorites ◊ 2016

1. 2. 2016

It’s time for monthly favorites again! Some of these could easily be part of a new-in post, but I haven’t had time to do one so I’ll just mention those that were used the most in the past few weeks here. I’m a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes and you can imagine that I’m obsessed with my new Expert Face Brush. I’m using this one for applying foundation now and it is much better than the stippling brush I used before. The foundation looks so natural – it’s easier to achieve an even finish and there are no lines left as they sometimes were with the previous brush. Next is the Lush hand and body lotion Sympathy for the Skin, one of the best multi-purpose lotions yet. I wrote an extended post about some of my recent Lush buys here and dedicated a huge part to this little gem at the end. As far as I know, it is not available at their store at the moment, but you can still get it on their website – this is definitely a treat every Lush&vanilla lover should get!

Another perfect beauty product is the Natura Siberica Energizing Facial Mask that my best friend actually got me for Christmas, she knows me (and my obsession for face masks) so well! Siberian Pine oil soothes and moisturizes the skin, Siberian Ginseng is meant to awaken and revitalize it, whereas Artic Ashberry gives a fresh and healthy glow. This product is a real life-saver in these cold months that make my skin incredibly dry.

I finally found myself a new organic foundation that actually provides some coverage! This is the Bottega Verde Skin Voile, Moisturizing Foundation that I bought just at the end of the year. I’ve been meaning to write a whole post about it – for now let’s just say that this is the best natural ingredients-based foundation that creates a matte finish and lasts for the whole day (plus I got so many compliments since starting to wear it that I just can’t even!).
Lippy-wise, I got my first Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick and it’s amazing! The shade is 470 Red Revolution, a perfect red that evolves in a hot pink after some time (and is not as bright as in the picture). Its wear-time is amazing and I’ll definitely buy some more, to say the least. Staying in the lip department, winter means chapped lips and this Figs & Rouge Pomegranate lip balm has been saving my lips (and my nose!) throughout my most-recent cold. And its pot is just gorgeous, what can I say!

I love my organic deodorants, but one cannot fully rely on them in stressful situations. I’m so happy that I found a more effective alternative – the 8×4 mild&soft deodorant with musk, rose and iris does the job pretty well. I know this is far from perfect, but just the fact that it doesn’t contain any aluminium compounds makes me a happy camper!

A little update: The past few months were quite difficult for me, I was under a lot of stress because of my studies and I fell sick probably for the fourth time since October, so you can imagine how frustrated I am at the moment. I haven’t got rid of my sore throat – turned sinus infection – turned trachea infection (+ I sounded like a Terminator and then I sounded.. NOT) – turned general cold that will hopefully be the last stage of my 2-week immune system crash (hence a lack of posts). I’m doing my best at drinking lots of water and tea with honey as well as consuming every superfood that could boost my immune system naturally. I have lots of plans in the following weeks so I have to stay focused – and healthy!

I nevertheless hope you’re having a great time and are enjoying this beautiful spring weather! ♥