Shower gels and baths for Autumn and Winter

1. 12. 2014


Fragrant shower gels and baths have become a very important part of my everyday routine. Fresh scents energize you in the morning, whereas more spicy and luxurious scents really make you relax in the evening and prepare you for a deep, restful sleep. I tend to use different scents according to the season. At the moment, for example, I love using fruity and spicy shower gels and baths. All of these products have a gorgeous scent and brighten me up every day! :)


The first one is the limited edition Balea shower gel called Purple Kisses. It is very creamy and lathers up really well. Besides, it has a lovely floral and sweet scent (lily and black raspberry). As usual, you can buy it DM. I cannot remember the exact price, but it wasn’t more than €1.5, which is really affordable for such a good shower gel. The second one is the Creightons Cherry & Wild Fig sensual bath and shower. I’m not sure whether I actually smell figs, but the scent is nevertheless nice, a bit powdery even. I know many disapprove this kind of smell, but it is a pampering kind of scent and I like it! I ordered it from for €4.95.


The Little Bubble CO bath and shower gel Vanilla biscuit has been my favorite for more than a year. Oh my, it smells like the best kind of vanilla cookies!! I’m not into sugary scents, but when I smelled this one in Boots in London, I was sold. It costs around £3, which is nothing for such a nice gel, and not to mention that it lasts for ages (literally!). The last one is the Balea Evening Star bath with vanilla and chai scent. As you know how much I love chai lattes, this is yet another product that I’m overwhelmed by. Although vanilla and chai are really wintery smells, this one is somehow fruity and exotic, a perfect choice for winter evenings ♥ Again, you can buy it in DM for around €3.


Is it funny that I had to smell every product before I even started writing about it? :) On to another topic: we had a bit of snow today! For the first time this season! I feel like a child every single time. And snow means: the festive Christmas season is officially here! Lots of mulled wine and hanging out with my friends and my boyfriend will be happening in the following weeks, and luckily, everything will calm down soon. Take care ♥


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