Nail Polish Empties #1

28. 4. 2015


I did some sort of a spring cleaning in my nail polish drawer the other day and realised I’ve used up quite many bottles. I consider a nail polish to be used up when there is very little polish left or when it starts to get so dry that it is impossible to apply. Unfortunately, this means that some bottles are still half full (I’m optimistic in this case) when I stop using them. And since there are very few blog posts addressing this matter, I decided to show you all the bottles I managed to use up or have dried out in the last year.


The first three empties are all from Revlon, one of my favorite nail polish brands. The first one is Autumn Berry, a glamorous burgundy shade with golden shine that I used up entirely. Then we have two shimmery nude shades, a peachy Sheer Peach and Sheer Mauve, which is on a slightly violet side. I was using all three constantly and there is not a single (useful) drop left! The brush is surprisingly long and thin, which is why the nail polish is quite difficult to apply when it dries a bit. Nevertheless, they were very long lasting and opaque; if I found any similar shade, I would buy it immediately without hesitation.


The next one is a gorgeous IsaDora nail polish in a dusty green shade Combat Khaki. Another one that was very pleasant to wear and this one did not leave any yellow stains on my nails, which is surprising for a green or blue shade. And it was was long lasting too! However, there was a very small amount of nail polish in this one, only 6 ml compared to the Revlon’s 14.7 and Essie’s 15 ml.  ♦  Sadly, one of my Essie’s nail polishes found a place in this category, my favorite burgundy shade Shearing Darling. Well, I’m very disappointed that this one is impossible to apply, because there is still a half of the nail polish left in the bottle! It dried out quite a bit in the first six months of use and I’ve been storing it ever since, just in case if I find any alternative to save it! If not, I’ll be happy to buy it again.    The last one is the Broadway Nails Nail Strengthener base coat with garlic extract that promises to strengthen and hydrate the nails. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see any difference in my nails and I’ve been using it as a base coat for a whole year. So, it’s just fine as a base and is also very economical to use, but it didn’t strengthen my nails in any way.

Well, these are the first six bottles I managed to save, I threw away around ten bottles in my previous cleaning session. Now that I’m thinking, I haven’t seen any blogger talking about empty nail polish bottles, I hope I’m not the only one who is using them up like the world is coming to an end! :D I wish you a wonderful week! ♥


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