Mission Zagreb: accomplished!

2. 10. 2014

I am currently just chilling with a cup of coconut chai latte in my hands, going through pictures and thinking about how wonderful the previous month has been. The reason why I was not very active in the last two weeks is because I tried to set things in place after my vacation in Greece, and then I went to Zagreb with my best friend for five days. We have been going on a trip every September for about five years now. After exploring Budapest street-by-street for the last four years, we decided to go to Zagreb this September, since none of us was there for a longer period of time before. We have a great time everywhere we go and this trip was no exception! 

We both fell in love with Zagreb. It is such a beautiful city, much bigger than Ljubljana, but still small enough to travel from one side to the other in no time. Small and lovely shops, boutiques and gorgeous cafés in the centre are just a few of the places this city has to offer. There are many parks, some have fountains, others promenades and lots of benches to sit on and enjoy the view.  And not to mention cute little dogs with their owners, we even saw a Jack Russell Terrier holding his own leash in his mouth, he was so adorable! 

Our trip can be basically characterized by countless amounts of chai lattes, coffee, great food and a few glasses of wine, of course ;) Plus, we both discovered our love for mimosas, very simple and yummy cocktails made of sparkling wine and orange juice. Let me just say that quite a lot of shopping happened, but I won’t go into details this time. Nothing too fancy, just regular shopping at drugstores, H&M and so on :) I hope the amount of pictures doesn’t bother you and that you’ll enjoy scrolling through ♥



rsz_img_2594 rsz_img_2245


rsz_img_2232 rsz_img_2213 rsz_img_2496rsz_img_2281




This is the last travel-like post for some time, I am going back to the University on Monday to start the Master’s degree in translation, wish me much needed luck! I just hope that I will be able to continue with blogging throughout the year, I guess I’ll just have to make it work :) Have a wonderful weekend ♥


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  • Reply Anita 2. 10. 2014 at 22:28

    Such a beautiful post and the photos turned out amazing! <3 Zagreb is such a lovely city!

    • Reply Vesna 3. 10. 2014 at 7:42

      Thank you! It really is :)

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