Lush Bella Fruta

8. 1. 2016

Unfortunately, December is over and it’s time to get back to reality. On the bright side, discount season is here and I’ve already done some shopping at the beginning of the week! I feel so proud that I managed to get to Lush first thing on Monday and buy myself a little treat! All of the discounted products were 50% off, so a wrapped gift was an obvious decision. I paid € 17 for a € 35 worth gift, an absolute win-win situation. Bella Fruta consists of six gorgeous bath and body care products, so let’s see what’s inside!

First is a green Avobath bath bomb with lemongrass and avocado. It has such a nice, not too powerful citrus scent and small glitter, which is also cute. I cannot wait to try it out, bath bombs don’t leave you just with a perfectly soft skin, but are also a pure joy to look at!

Next is The Comforter mini which is probably my favorite Lush bath of all times. I can still remember buying it in high school for the first time, it really took my pamper routine to a whole new level. And it turns water pink, what’s not to love?! If I’m honest, it smells like a delicious fruity milkshake that creates a whole bunch of bubbles.

As mango is one of my favorite fruits, the You’ve been mangoed bath melt will definitely be the second one to try it out. Mango and avocado oil take care of your skin while lemongrass gives it an extra kick of freshness.

The fourth bath product is actually 4 in 1 as it can be used as a soap, shampoo, bubble bath AND a toy! It’s not surprising it’s called Red fun, this red play-doh look-alike probably brings out a child in all of us! The scent also goes well with the name – fruity and sweet with cherry and mandarin oils to bring us back to our favorite childhood memories.

I’m sorry to say it, but I prefer jelly shower gels over soaps. This is why I literally feel sorry for fruity Miranda (it sounds so funny!). I will nevertheless give this kiwi, bergamot and orange soap a try, it will surely lift my spirit early in the morning!

Last but not least, let’s say a few words about the product that was the main reason to choose this wrapped gift in the first place! The hand and body lotion Sympathy for the skin is basically a banana lotion – if you take a closer look to the lotion, you can practically see pieces of banana! I couldn’t catch its scent in the store, I always smell of Lush goodies for hours after I leave the shop, but I nevertheless took this one because I know that Lush makes amazing lotions. I was so right, banana, vanilla and lemon oil as well as sandalwood give it a scent that is so divine I could smell it all day long. Plus, it absorbs very quickly and leaves the skin very soft.

And my room instantly smells like candy! I think the only logical thing to do now is to make myself a relaxing bath with one of these little gems. The only problem I have with Lush bath products is that they are used up so quickly, does anyone feel the same? ;)
Take care ♥

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  • Reply Anita 8. 1. 2016 at 21:50

    I can’t imagine how good this package smells! Yum!

    • Reply Vesna 8. 1. 2016 at 22:20

      Like the best candy in the whole world! :)

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