Working hard or hardly working?

17. 4. 2015

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Focuuus, where are you on such an inglorious Friday? This post is mainly dedicated to complaining! :D I have so much work to do this weekend and writing a seminar paper in French is the last thing on my mind at the moment. Although we’re only (?!?!?) in the middle of April, I have a feeling that exams are approaching insanely fast. However, that would not be a problem if I had any time to start studying in this pile of translations and midterms!

And the weather is not helping in any way. I’ve been asking myself whether I’m working hard or hardly working every thirty minutes or so today, and I guess I’ll have to go with the second one. If you’re wondering how I manage to study or write when my concentration is close to zero,  here are a few of my suggestions:

  Listen to music that will keep you focused – this is not a useful technique only in the gym, but also behind your desk!
♦  Go out for a power walk, nothing works better than some fresh air. Otherwise just open the window and let some fresh air in your apartment.
♦  Do some basic stretching exercises. If you are sitting for longer periods of time, you will probably experience back pain sooner or later. Stand up and stretch those muscles!
♦  If nothing else helps, make yourself a cup of coffee or green tea, but not very late in the afternoon (learn from my mistakes: once I couldn’t sleep until 2 AM because I had an idea that coffee will keep me focused in the evening!).

Besides that pile of stationary, which I adore with all my heart, there is a Manhattan lipstick – for a reason! :D I only got it yesterday and, of course, I had to try it out. I must look great at the moment, I’m tired, without any makeup, but I nevertheless managed to apply that lipstick! :D

I hope this list was any use for you. If you have any other rather special techniques to keep you focused, share them with me! It happens that some days these just don’t help… so I’d love to try something else :)

Take care 


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