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29. 5. 2016

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We are all aware how dangerous some of the ingredients in deodorants can be, so I’m all about making healthy choices when I have to buy a new one. I’m not a newbie when it comes to CD deodorants as I have tried them a few times over the past few years even before I received this lovely water lily-scented set with two deodorants and a shower gel.

Water lilies have always been highly appreciated in ancient civilizations throughout the world. In Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, water lilies symbolize universality and resurrection as their blossoms close at night and open with the first sun rays. According to the Greek mythology, they embody feminine spirits that inhabited water bodies like wells and springs. It is thus not surprising that this beautiful flower still plays a somewhat spiritual and mysterious role in our society.

I have never smelled a water lily blossom before, to be honest, but these products make me want to try to the next time I’m at the lake! The scent is literally nothing I have ever experienced or expected, I even thought I would be disappointed before trying them out. It is so fresh but not too sweet, and yet it reminds me of summer. The most important characteristic of the CD deodorants is that they are free from aluminium salts, mineral oils, silicones, parabenes, colouring and contain no ingredients derived from animals.

You might have some doubts about their efficiency, I am sure of that. They obviously cannot be as effective as antiperspirants, but try to give them a chance. I have some experience with organic deodorants, which are quite disappointing when I have stressful days. These ones, however, are much more effective and I don’t even feel the need to use one of the old ones I still have in my cabinet.

As for the shower gel, there’s nothing you don’t already know about them – I’m obsessed with shower gels and this one is another fine addition to my shower gel collection. The scent is not exactly the same as the one from the deodorants, but it still very fresh and appropriate for summer and complements the deodorant in a very nice way!

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And you, have you tried any of the CD products yet? I love these deodorants so far and I believe I will go for a few other scents when I finish these two!

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