img_0072img_0069img_0085img_0125img_0144Essence has been spoiling us with fantastic summer limited editions for years. The packaging of their new collection Adventure Awaits is so trendy and chic, lots of pink, pastels and golden details (a very Coachella-inspired theme!). This time I got the opportunity to test out the Collect moments, not things! bronzing eyeshadow palette full of of earth-toned shades. I’m not a huge fan of their eye shadows, but I decided to give them a try as I haven’t tried them out for several years. There are two light shades for applying into the inner corner of the eyes, two transition shades and two deeper eye shadows that are perfect for creating some definition in the outer part of the eyelid. I love earth-toned eye shadows and this palette will be a nice addition to my makeup collection!

The first three shades (and the first three swatches) have quite a chunky glitter, so you can expect some fallout. The first one is also very bright and almost white, a bit too much for me and I also feel this type of glitter would irritate my eyes. However, I love how easily all the other shades blend together and obviously, you don’t need to use all of them at once (have to admit, I adore applying just one eye shadow from time to time)!

The entire limited edition is already available in stores, I look forward to browsing though their new makeup items. The bronzer looks very intriguing and so do the golden tattoos, shiny body lotion and higlighting blotting paper. Is there anything you’d like to try from the new Essencce LE? :)

A glimps of Liège

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I spent a month of my summer in Wallonia, the French speaking part of Belgium. I actually participated at a summer school for professors of French language and I’ve stayed in Liège for the first two and in Louvain-la-Neuve for the last two weeks.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been very touristy this time so I don’t have many recommendations about where to go to, but I did take a lot of photos while strolling around the city. Beside the intense immersion into the Francophone culture, I mounted the Stairs of Bueren, the 374-step stairway which is ranked as one of the most extreme staircases in the world. I would never say this is extreme in any way, but I was chatting all the way up so I may be biased!

Another thing worth mentioning is that the greenery in Wallonia is extremely … green! All the trees and other plants have such an intense color due to heavy rainfall and high humidity levels during the summer. I couldn’t get used to the climate at all and I’m pretty happy I’m already back in sunny Slovenia! As soon as I completely adapt to being at home, I’ll got through the rest of the photos and show you some other places I’ve been to in July. Enjoy!


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