Barekissed Illuminator

img_2355img_2362img_2380barekissed-illuminator-monacoI like testing highlighters in all shapes and forms. Although I’ve always been a fan of pressed formulas, I’m more and more into creamy and liquid textures. I particularly love this Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in shade Monaco, a gorgeous liquid/jelly highlighter with tiny shimmer and a rose&silver finish. This little gem can be used in a number of ways:

  • as a highlighter on your cheekbones and tip of the nose,
  • as an illuminator all over your face before applying your foundation,
  • as a highlighter on your collarbones.

I usually pump a small amount on the back of my hand, dab it out and apply it seamlessly on my cheekbones with the RT Miracle Sculpting Sponge. It is, however, too liquidy to be used with a brush. And when I’ve had days when I wanted a more natural, dewy glow, I just applied it all over my face, particularly under my eyes, and then applied my foundation on top. A beautiful combination, let me tell you! I’m sure it will look just perfect in the autumn …

On the last photo you can see some swatches compared to my favorite highlighters. The first stripe is obviously the Barekissed Illuminator, followed by the Mary Lou Manizer, which has a golden sheen. The last two are the third and the fourth creamy highlighters from my Makeup Revolution Pro Amplified Highlighting and Strobe palette. As you can see, the third swatch is a nice dupe of the Barekissed Illuminator, whereas the fourth swatch is a nice creamy version of the Mary Lou Manizer. The MUR palette is obviously very versatile, but applying such a thick highlighter all over my face would be way more messy!

Matte Me

img_2771img_2779img_2776img_2785img_2839I’m very much into bright matte lips and got really excited when I took a moment and browsed through the Sleek stand in Müller. I was intrigued by their Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream collection pretty much instantly so I went and read a few blogs on the internet which had mixed reviews. I remember that a few Slovenian bloggers already mentioned them months ago and I know some of them didn’t like the applicator, but really liked the formula so I decided to give these two shades a go.

I chose a bright, classy Rioja Red and a hot pink Fandango Purple. I mean, these two shades were literally speaking to me when I saw them, both are insanely intense and pigmented. However, the colors are practically the only thing I love about them.

Firstly, the doe-foot applicator is the most difficult to use, it is so stiff and long that I always manage to ruin everything. There is no place for mistake so you can forget using it when you’re in rush. Secondly, although the lip creams seem long lasting at first sight, everything starts to crumble away soon after my first sip of water or, god forbids, a bite of food. Thirdly, the lip stick is hard to remove when you manage to smudge it during the application, but doesn’t leave any stain on the lips. This means that when the cream starts to fall off, your lips are completely visible and you have to touch it up if you don’t want to look silly.

All in all, I’m very disappointed with the purchase, especially because each of them costs around € 8. I would much rather get several matte lipsticks by Golden Rose or Essence for that price although I don’t like really like them either. Maybe I was expecting too much, especially because I tried Matte Shakers by Lancôme several times and they really set the bar high. I will probably get one of those as well, just to have a matte lip product that I would actually like using on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, I really like Sleek for their eye shadows and my sister loves their lip sticks, which means that they offer good products. They also don’t conduct animal testing, which is amazing and always worth supporting. I will give these two Matte Me lip creams a few more tries before I give in completely! :)

Summer favorites

This has been perhaps the worst summer ever. The weather has ruined the summer spirit already a few weeks ago, and, to cap it all, I have been ill in million ways throughout the whole August. I did not focus on my favorite products in the last few months, so I decided to briefly recap all the products I happily used in this short summer which ended more than a week ago. Luckily, I am going on vacation in September to enjoy at least a bit of the real heat!

To je bilo zame verjetno najslabše poletje do sedaj. Vreme je poletno vzdušje uničilo že pred nekaj tedni, za kapljo čez rob pa sem že skoraj celoten avgust prehlajena na milijon načinov. Najljubših izdelkov v zadnjih mesecih nisem ravno izpostavljala, zato sem se odločila, da na kratko povzamem izdelke, ki sem jih z veseljem uporabljala v tistem kratkem poletju, ki je minil že dober teden nazaj. Na srečo dopust načrtujem v septembru, da bom doživela vsaj malo prave vročine!


I am going to start with my favorite bronzer, and that is The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing powder about which I already said a few things. Its warm brown shade beautifully completes both simple and a bit more intensive look. A winner! Going to the next one: I really like to use bright matt and shimmery shades of the Oh So Special Sleek palette I received for my birthday from my best friend ♥ I use the matt ones in the center of my eyelid and the shimmery ones in the inner and outer corner. And now on to the product I just love and started using it a month ago – the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!! I will not stay at this one too long, I can just say that it really is great!

Začela bom z najljubšim bronzerjem, in sicer The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing powder, o katerem sem nekaj več že napisala. S toplim rjavim odtenkom lepo zaokroži tako enostaven kot tudi bolj intenziven izgled. Zmaga! Poleg izjemno rada uporabljam svetle mat in svetleče odtenke Oh So Special Sleek paletke, ki sem jo za rojstni dan dobila od najboljše prijateljice ♥ Mat senčke čez srednji del veke, na notranji in zunanji del pa malo senčke z bleščicami! Zdaj pa izdelek, ki ga neskončno obožujem in sem ga preskusila šele pred dobrim mesecem: navdušena sem nad Garnierjevo micelarno vodico!! Ne bom izgubljala preveč besed, res je tako dobra, kot pravijo vse uporabnice!


It is not a secret that I am completely crazy about lipstick in fuchsia. Since June, I have been loving the Bourjois Color Boost in shade Fuchsia Libre (I got this for my birthday too, thanks to my boyfriend ♥). The thing is that it’s not as thick as a usual lipstick would be, but a strong pink shade on the lips is still visible on the lips. Although its texture is very lip balm-like, it is long lasting. And it is very clear that I take it everywhere with me, the text is completely erased :) The next one is currently my favorite nail polish, and that is the Rimmel London in shade White Hot Love. A base coat and two coats last for almost four days, which is clearly a miracle. And the last one is the Balea Aqua eye cream gel. It does not make any wonders, but cools the skin nicely and I also use it before I apply the liquid foundation.

I hope you had a pleasant summer. I have already started window shopping and gathering clothes for autumn. Is it just me or is autumn clothing always the most interesting? :)

Da sem nora na šminke v odtenku fuksije, ni več skrivnost. Že od junija z največjim veseljem uporabljam Bourjouis Color Boost v odtenku Fuchsia Libre (tudi to sem dobila za rojstni dan, hvala super fantu ♥). Všeč mi je to, da ni tako močna kot običajne šminke, vendar je na ustnicah vseeno viden močen roza odtenek. Čeprav ima teksturo balzama za ustnice, je zelo dolgo obstojna. Da jo veliko nosim s seboj je vidno, vsi napisi so se že izbrisali :) Sledi trenutno najljubši lak za nohte, in sicer Rimmel London v odtenku White Hot Love. Dve plasti s podlakom na mojih nohtih zdržita skoraj štiri dni, kar je pravi čudež. Zadnji pa je Balein kremni gel za nego kože okoli oči. Sicer ne dela čudežev, vendar kožo prijetno hladi, nanesem pa ga tudi pred nanosom tekoče podlage.

Upam, da ste prijetno preživeli poletje, jaz počasi že ogledujem in nabiram jesenska oblačila. Ali se samo meni zdi, da je jesenska garderoba vedno najbolj zanimiva? :)


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